Nyaung Shwe, Gate to Inlay Lake

Nyaung Shwe / Yaunghwe, the former capital of Shan Lake in Inlay is also Inle Lake, the 200th oldest and oldest tribe of Intha and other tribes living around the lake. It is located on the northeastern edge of the lake, on the edge of the almond-shaped "Eichhornia crassipes", known as the water hyacinth that surrounds the lake in a 3 km / 5 km wide belt. These water hyacinths contribute significantly to the disappearance of the lake at a rate that suggests that the lake will not exist within 150 years.

Nyaung Shwe Heho is a call to Inlay Lake for visitors arriving from the airport. Sao Shwe Htaik, the last of the group consisting of 36 Shan princes – "Sawbaws" (the title of a successor heir) who lived here until 1948, is now a museum. He was the first President of Burma on January 04, 1948 and served until 1952.

The 36 British sawba met regularly in the Taunggyi parliament to discuss and decide on issues related to their Shan people.

The place is quiet and friendly, but has more or less interesting surroundings, & # 39; Yatamamanaungsu Pagoda & # 39; near its center, you will be "sick" and "old" in glass ears. as well as the famous wooden Nyaung Shwe Monastery to be offered by tourists. Excursions to sleep, eat and get started are a place on and around the lake.

Nyaung Shwe's regular boat services can get ferry guests to the lake, and can dive on boats or canoes, both without a motorboat and the Intha community living here. And I will do that now. I will embark on my "journey of the lake" and my call today is Nga Phe Chaung Monastery.

The monastery is on Inlay Lake and is an attractive wooden monastery built on the lake in the late 1850s. It takes about an hour to get to the ancient monastery with a boat. You are warmly invited to join me.

On our way to the Nga Phe Chaung Monastery, our narrow but long canoe – flooding into a Pan Pan village on the eastern shores of Nyaung Shwe Lake on the east side of the Pan – runs through the intricate rough water led by its Intha. & # 39; Captains & # 39; He is also a fisherman, who grew up here and knows everything about the lake and everyone. You can go to Nga Phe Chaung Monastery and the lake and anywhere else by motorized boat / canoe. This goes much faster and you will not have to change your boat, but you will see the unique style of Intha fishermen pushing their canoes into the water. This is the "famous style of leg rowing" that should be described in more detail.

Our "captain" (who wears a conical straw hat called "Khamout" typical of Inham Lake) keeps his eyes open to find mats or rough grasses floating beneath the surface. Standing on his left leg, on the left side of the canoe (which is an action in itself), he twisted his right leg around a long ridge, his upper end (about the level of his shoulder) and his calf and knee fixed. He then bends his body and pushes the ridge back down the calf and knee, a movement that drives the canoe forward. Then the right leg is fully extended, around the ridge, to enter the leg, and the process begins again. Apparently he's making that effort in a smooth, slippery motion, which is fascinating. But, all in all, as he bears an almost bored expression on his face, he smokes the chick-pea (Burmese cigar) in his left hand; really amazing. I am afraid that my brief description may not be sufficient to form an accurate and vivid image in front of your mind's eye. It is a must see. Again it is amazing. So, to go to the lake, you should at least go rowing a boat, which is not a forgettable experience.

Intha has developed a unique and unique line of rowing, along with its very unique and unique fishing method. This one has a conical shape, very tall (almost as tall as most fishermen) with a silver and bamboo fish trap at the base and round, open at the top and closed and has a grill net. When you're on the lake, fishermen sometimes form a line or half circle with canoes and sometimes work alone. While they are catching fish, they are looking for movements below the surface of the water that indicates the presence of fish (a long, thick eel or a huge Inlay tent), and they have thrown the trap. – open the end down and point upward – the fish descends to the floor of the lake, and the fish are trapped and will surely end up in a frying pan or hot pot as someone's sweet (maybe your) stomach.

As we leave Nyaung Shwe we also see the horrors of the Kyunpaws. These are floating gardens or farms that produce all kinds of flowers and crops, such as tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, potatoes, beans and legumes, eggplant, you name it, Intha has been growing and harvesting all year. These Kyunpaws are herbal farms that fishermen must draw a path for. These sets of herbs are separated from their roots by simply mowing them. They are then attached and attached to large debris, eventually forming a lake that is approximately 3 feet thick and 1 meter thick, which can be moved to the lake and maintained by bamboo poles tucked into the floor of the lake.

Agricultural products grown in these floating gardens or farms, although lacking the rich flavor of fruit and vegetables that are often fertile soils, are sold in and around local markets around the lake, as well as in large quantities. other regions and cities. For example, 80 tonnes of tomatoes / day can be collected here, which explains why tomatoes are most likely to be consumed in Burma (Inmame tomatoes).

Fishermen and farms floating across the lake can be seen fishing and farming are the main source of the lake, living in and around the lake. Other sources of income e.g. clothes, shoulder bags, faucets, ceramics, parasols, etc. Additional inbound sources are growing rapidly, as well as foreign visitors to Inlay Lake and outside visitors.

Almost every town on the lake specializes in boat building, cheroot making, silk and cotton and other ceramics.

Now we have reached the Nga Phe Chaung Monastery, the Jumping Cat Monastery. also known as.

Nga Phe Chaung Monastery is on Inlay Lake. It is an attractive wooden monastery built on the lake in the late 1850s. It takes about an hour to get to the ancient monastery with a boat. Monastery & # 39; seafront & # 39; not so spectacular.

The monastery is well known for its large collection of old brain images of various sizes, materials, and areas of worth. Nga Phe Chaung is the largest monastery here. Built on the teak of traditional wood architecture, it was the oldest 170-year-old monastery on Lake Inle at the time of this writing.

This monastery is definitely worth a visit, not only for its historical significance and architecture, but also for its numerous and famous cats. Some of them are prepared by the monks to leap into some hoops, if the cats somehow convince you that the best thing they can do is follow your command; and other cats? Well – as you can see – they are sleeping.

Okay, now I'm back to my hotel in Nyaung Shwe. Tomorrow I will go to Khaung Daing Village because it is popular with pottery.


Mobile Banking Applications: Implement WAP Billing

The wireless application protocol known as the WAP acronym is a free worldwide standard, while tools such as cell phones, cell phones and laptops can be accessed over the Internet to be compatible with large network carriers. Thanks to its ability to enable transactions, WAP restores the implementation of mobile banking applications through two-way messaging (SMS).

The WAP billing process works through Wireless Markup Language (WML), an HTML adaptation for building wireless applications across independent platforms. In a standard WAP billing process, packets of data related to wireless devices travel over wireless networks in WML configurations to a WAP gateway or server. The most essential part of the data is reconfigured and transferred to a regular web server with HTML capability. The functionality of this process is only possible if HTML packets are traveling via a WAP gateway / server, on the way to a wireless device.

The WAP solutions described are divided into two parts:

1) a WAP server that distributes information and applications

2) Access that controls the WAP gateway

Their successful operation is based on business models made up of banks / operators. Currently, WAP banking systems are using closed models that allow WAP servers and gateways to live on the network's operating network. This allows banks to free control of their information and provide access to mobile banking applications and operators. Unfortunately, the aforementioned closed models have a security flaw that protects them through the "clean text" door to door. On the contrary, open solution solutions for banks and server situations programmed into security intranets will face any threat, while closed models allow banks to remove installation charges.

In most cases, let customers take an initiative for their banking needs by going to an ATM, making a deposit or transfer or calling a center using awesome automated customer support systems. These are the channels that require you to take the initiative. Whether driving, walking or waiting, any delays can be worrying when managing our finances. However, if we take advantage of the fact that there are currently four times more phones (smartphones, iPhones, etc.) in circulation on computers, our lives could be less worrying. If mobile banking applications and WAP billing are used by large banks around the world, banks can do so with less hassle, more convenience and security.


Wooler – Northumberland – Gate of the Cheviots

Wooler is a small village in Northumberland, England. It borders Northumberland National Park, very close to the Cheviot Hills. Therefore, the town has been a favorite base for hikers of all ages. He is in love with the gateway to the Cheviot Mountains. Wooler – Northumberland offers more than just walking trails.

You will find many interesting small shops, pubs and lodging establishments in the town, including hotels, a youth hostel and a couple of campsites.

The Wooler is on the A695, which offers direct connection to Coldstream on the Scottish border.

Wooler's natural beauty and clean air have become a favorite for nature lovers over the centuries. Being a good leap forward to the main points for Northumberland National Park has only added to the popularity.

The Woolmer area has many walking routes. If you are an open air lover, you simply love the many circular routes that go here. One of the most popular is the route around Chillingham Park. Visitors can see Chillingham herdsmen walking from a safe vantage point.

Wooler: The Cochrane Pike trail takes you to the shepherd's hut, captivating with the sounds of oyster catchers, curls, meadows and mackerel.

An easy and interesting option is to take one of the four Cornhill routes that cross the countryside around Wooler. You will cross old railways, country roads, river tracks and bridges. The time required for several routes is different, but in general you do not have to be very good at joining a Cornhill route.

If you love nature and enjoy walking, then Wooler – Northumberland is a great getaway for you.


Iloilo – West View Gate

Iloilo is designated as the Western Visayas Gate of the Philippines. It is also the provincial capital of the same name. Iloilo is a highly urbanized city and is also a regional political hub.

They are the city's natural harbor and international airport, arguably one of the most populous in the area. It links Iloilo with other countries and the world.

The town's origins can be traced back to the Spanish colonial era, when it began as a small group of fishermen's farms along the Iloilo River. In 1855, she became "Queen of the South City" and was later awarded the title. The most loyal and noble city of the Spanish Royal Regent.

By the end of the century, the place was close to Manila in terms of economic and industrial development. The area around Royal Street in downtown Iloilo was an important hub of economic activity and many shops were selling luxury goods. worldwide. From there, an experimental agricultural station was also established in 1888 in La Paz, School of Arts & Trades in 1891 and a telephone network in 1894.

All of these developments helped to make Iloilo an important commercial, educational and industrial center.

Iloilo's words: The inhabitants of the city mainly speak Hiligayn. There is a wider use of English for educational purposes and for business purposes. Other local dialects like Tagalog and karay are also in vogue. Some families are associated with sugar plantations of the time in Spanish, but they are a very small group.

Climate in Iloilo: The city has two distinct tropical seasons; rainy from June to September and dry from October to May. The best time to visit the city is in dry weather.

Industries and Trade: The location of the city has been beneficial to the traders and industries in the region. The port is a major contributor to the economy due to large-scale job creation and continuous trade in various articles.

Iloilo is also a major IT center with business offices and business offices located here. BPOs in the city offer a wide range of job opportunities to the city's extensive labor reserve.

One of the main contributors to the city's economy are several banks operating in the town. These banks range from rural, savings or cheap banks to internationally renowned commercial banks. Two foreign banks, Citibank and May Bank, have branches here. The main local banks in Iloilo are Queen City Development Bank and Valiant Bank.

Education: There are two government-subsidized institutions; Visayas University of the Philippines was founded in 1948 and West Visayas State University was founded in 1902. From there, there are many other schools in the city that offer first-year academic programs to aspiring students.

Hospitality industry: Due to the variety of industries and commercial opportunities, the city is growing the hospitality industry. There are many accommodation options for travelers and accommodation. From first-class hotels to affordable discounts. The city also has. great resorts as well as boarding houses for the most budget-conscious.

There are six major hotels offering comfortable accommodation and the best service. Some of the city's most popular hotels are the Amigo Terrace Hotel, Sarabia Manor Hotel & Convention Center, Racso's Woodland Hotel Resort and Days Hotel Iloilo.

Having done so many things for a city, it is no surprise that Iloilo is one of the most popular places in the Philippines and attracts many visitors to its folds. The warm and friendly attitude of Filipinos always plays a stress buster. and truly delight the bodies and minds of the visitors of this wonderful city.


Understanding the Clitoris – A Travel Guide to 8,000 Beautiful Places

Guys, it's time for your heart to be heart. We need to talk about your understanding of your "little man on the boat".

That's right, clitoris. To say sad. Most men do not really understand this little meaty pleasure that nature has had with women. The clitoris is the only body in human science that has the sole purpose of not being perceived by medical scientists as providing the most elegant physical pleasure to a woman.

Think of the clitoris, this tiny cloud that is the gateway to a woman's orgasm, and has an end of eight thousand nerves. Yes, 8,000! That's twice in the head of your penis. Still keep in mind that these eight thousand nerve endings are clustered in an area smaller than the pencil eraser, although the size of the clitoral changes greatly. However, the clitoris is very small, and extremely sensitive, and should approach slowly and with greater patience than your hard heart, ready to accept as long as it can.

In other words, guys? No cheese burgers, and you have to slow down!

Even one of the first mistakes men have made in preventing it is to immediately speak to their mistress in an effort to get juice out of their mouths, thus instilling in them the most passionate sense of their existence.

Well, you know what you mean, but … NOW! That is the beginning of the game, and direct and powerful stimulation of the clit should be stored later, if so, and should always be practiced gradually.

Instead, concentrate on rodents and caresses and tidy and soft and enthusiastic. While closing the subject a little, start with a back rub or massage, a foot massage, admire and gently appreciate her breasts. And KISSATU! Let us know you love it.

At some point in your love, you will naturally indulge in the enjoyment of oral pleasure, and as much as you love having your cock sucked, try what you do in the first place in this area. You know it is easier, and your orgasm is almost a guarantee that many women will not be able to spread things properly. However, some natures do more than that, giving a tremendous gift of the ability to have multiple orgasms.

Now, back to the middle of his universe. Rather than making a bee line and attacking the clitoris, start by admiring the whole area first. Gently lower the area with the upper toe. Massage the sides of her vagina. Start by giving some soft kisses in these areas, and then slowly plant the kisses all around, maybe giving them a little here and there.

At this point, DO NOT put half your hand into it, okay? Instead, consider her body and how she likes it. Do you hear a gentle sigh or gasp when you do something? DO IT AGAIN. Do you move his hips starving? You are making a good impression.

By knowing that he wants more, you can start to deal with this pain that is made up of pleasure. At first, gently kiss, blow on it. Place it gently, back and forth, but without touching it directly. Then let your tongue gently, and we mean DID, wiggle a few times. Moisten a finger or two with broth and try to caress them, but not directly at the beginning. Massage the bell early. If you want more

If he responds well and his body movements tell you yes or no, you slowly build action. When he says it orally, does it feel particularly good? Keep doing it. Sometimes his signs will be unintentional, and they are as good as those clues. Repetition regulates when this happens, but you'll need to learn how far and how long to go before you get bored or absurd.

From time to time, take a break and leave with a kiss, and divert your attention to another area of ​​the body, wherever, do something nice to your chest or thighs, or slip in briefly and kiss, ask. he likes it.

Then? Go back and do more. At this stage, one or two fingers on the inside of the vagina are appropriate, as well as the bladder. You know how to find his G spot (and if you don't deal with it any other time). Switch your tongue on her clit. Stand gently, blink gently, or quickly, back and forth, or up and down, take long stretches with your tongue. And when does he like something? Do it over and over again. And remember for the future.

If things go well for a moment, his clit seems to be disappearing, hidden beneath the hood. It's a good thing and it means Cumming is on the edge. Hurry up here and follow what you are doing, and be prepared to land the "little death" of the French.

Orgasm of a woman is perhaps one of the most beautiful things in the world, and keep that in mind.

Every woman behaves differently, but overall, her orgasm is a set of unwanted spasms – between the anus, the film, the uterus and the vagina – the glorius trajectory of gentle waves.

Women can also be different. But don't be jealous. Learn how to welcome her and her natural gratitude from you to make her more enjoyable than ever. The man who learns to do this, and the man who shows that he truly loves himself, will never be alone forever.


4 Best Places to Visit Peru

For joining the Inca Empire, it is also known as the territory of the Inca Empire, making it one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit in Peru. If you are visiting this magnificent county, here are some of the best places you should not visit:


Also known as the White City, Arequipa is one of Peru's most visited cities. The city has large and beautiful colonial buildings. For example, there is Spanish colonial architecture that can be found throughout the city. The city is also surrounded by villages that offer great scenery.

Arequipa is the gateway to the most valuable natural attractions in the country, such as the Colca Valley, the Salinas National Reserve, the Colca Canyon and the Aguada Blanca Sanctuary.

In short, Arequipa is a great place to find colonial monuments, enjoy nature and have fun.


Located in southeastern Peru, Cusco is considered the archaeological capital of America. The city was the capital of the Inca Empire, then taken over by the Spanish conquerors. Therefore, the city has a great architecture that combines Inca and Spanish style.

The city also serves as a great base for exploring the surrounding landmarks such as Machu Picchu, Manu National Park, Choquequirao and the Sacrament of the Incas.


It is a unique city that is inaccessible on the road; can only be accessed by plane or ship. One of the most attractive things about this is the banks of the Amazon River, which is a great gateway to explore the river and the forest.

You can also interact with the natives of Amazon and learn about the rites of ayahuasca.


This is the capital of Peru and the gateway to the country. The city was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, who was a Spanish conqueror. Because of its age, history offers a rich history. It also offers a vibrant culture and lively nightlife.

There are also ultra-modern commercials that you can buy for your dream crafts. Whether you want to surf or relax, Lima has some great beaches there.

These are four of the best places to visit Peru. To make sure you find these great places easily, you should work with the best travel company. The good thing is that there are many large passenger companies in Peru.


Peru Tours

A Peru tour is a great vacation opportunity. In any territory of Peru you should travel to this wonderful country of the Andean mountains and swirls of the Amazon jungle to this western country of South America. With a rich cultural anthropology of Peru and a total population of 25,662,000, this country has been the cradle of the Inca Empire.

High points of visit to Peru

Visits to Peru take us to wonderful destinations like Lima and Machu Picchu. Travel to these locations varies from agency to agency. This is why you need to do some thorough research before settling on one.

Lima is not only the capital of Peru but also the gateway to many of Peru's travel destinations. It will be a nice experience to explore this city with its vibrant life and movement. In this city there are many magnificent architectural structures, such as the Casa Aliaga or the Palacio de Torre Tagle, as well as many beautiful churches and convents such as San Francisco and La Merced. Aside from the views, you can also do a lot of outdoor activities, as the city of Lima is surrounded by all aspects of nature such as the sea, islands and mountains.

Machu Picchu of Cusco is another sight in Peru. Former citizen Machu Picchu is considered to be Cusco's star attraction. The citadel was discovered in 1911 and is one of the best examples of landscape architecture. Machu Picchu, located on a mountain, is a center of worship and astronomy.

These are some of the most visited places in Peru. There are many places to add to the list of attractions in Peru, such as Nazca Lines, Kuelap Fortress, Choquequirao and Iquitos. All of these, including Lima and Cusco, will surely make Peru your life's adventure.


Romantic door with Taj Mahal Tour Packages

Unesco's wonderful heritage is a stunning seven in the world and is a temple of endless love. The monument of true love was built by the mobile emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. The unique architecture of the Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra.

This spectacular Agran was built in memory of the wonderful Queen Mumtaz Mahal. The greatest structural miracle on earth is one of the highest achievements of mankind to date.

Indislamic design and architectural elegance of the Persian arts is a unique fusion of human creations. The white grave of unadulterated love is a mesmerizing sensation of witnessing and the immense tour of India is incomplete without living with the Taj.

The Taj Mahal tour package is a great love bird to experience every love bird and forever love a romantic portal. The charismatic Agra Taj is an excursion for enjoyment, happiness and love.

These tour packages are a favorite of romantic souls and leisure travelers around the world. The intricate architectural design, the fun sculptures and the best story of everlasting love, has been an inspiring generation for centuries.

Taj's wonderful story is the story of an obsessive love affair between Emperor Shah Jahan and Queen Mumtaz, a spark of passion and bleeding of the heart. The monument of eternal courage is a symbol, the architectural elegance and elegance of the Mughal kings.

Thanks to the Indian Archeological Survey, all the Taj fans are witnessing the amazing Agra Taj Mahal every day from 6am to 7.30pm except on Fridays and holidays. The best time to visit the hypnotically beautiful Taj Mahal is from Octobers to March, as the pleasant weather brings together festive parties, colorful fairs and a variety of entertaining carnivals for a wonderful souvenir.

The Taj Mahal tour package is arguably the best holiday gift package for both the world and leisure vacationers around the world. The Taj Mahal tour packages are world-class for fun, adventure and exotic adventures.


The Unused Flight Card Gets Big Savings for Corporations

The international open trade market has paved the way for new business opportunities, where business professionals travel almost year-round from place to place. Thus, air travel is gaining momentum, where large companies book domestic and international airline tickets. However, it has been noticed by the end of the year that corporations have a large number of partially used or fully unused flight tickets. Corporations hire an employee or travel agent to take care of these unused plane tickets.

Therefore, it is much better for the corporation to involve a tracking service provider, which has great support for tracking the unused flight ticket for reimbursement and also involves a minimal cost. In addition, these service providers are very secure, usually work with organizations and provide the right information as soon as possible.

Generally, these unused cards are the gateways to the future of greater value if you book with the relevant company. The following are the main benefits of these service providers:

• Control expenses

Every year, large business organizations search for large flight ticket bookings and spend the year with the number of unused or partially used flights remaining. These left cards stacked in one corner are a door to the treasury. Many of us do not know, even though non-refundable flight tickets are actually taxable. This amount is calculated by service providers in their default currency and is established to our knowledge. This plays a key role in controlling the expenses of the company.

• Saving time

Calculating the return value of your used flight ticket is a very time-consuming and time-consuming process. If all companies take this job on their shoulders, they would spend nearly 60-70% of their time calculating the remaining fortune. From now on, these corporations seek the help of service providers to track the cards that efficiently utilize their tools to return money.

• No extra configuration required

Extracting the return value of the used or partially used card requires a different configuration and access to all tools not available. Accordingly, it is a wise decision by corporations to seek services to obtain the exact return value without setting any particular section in their office.

• Can be used for future trips

Many of these unused cards can be used to book future trips with the corresponding company, sometimes adding a minimum amount or sometimes completely free. This is done directly by service providers, as it lists the future travel of their corporations.

When all is said and done, service providers are very supportive of corporations. They help to estimate the full return value of unused flights throughout the year, and at the same time help to book uncontrolled future trips and pre-bookings using unused airline tickets.


Alicante – the gateway to the Costa Blanca in the United Kingdom

Spain's Costa Blanca has long been a holiday destination in the UK. Most tourists arrive at Alicante airport for their holidays in Benidorm, Calpe, Moraira, Javea and Denia.

Alicante is the capital of Costa Blanca and is located directly on the Mediterranean, although most visitors to this coast know Alicante as their airport, but it is worth visiting this beautiful city. Look out over the sea from Santa Barbara Castle, located on Mount Benacantil, and the top of it can be reached by the face of the rock toward Playa Postiguet.

Aside from the view, the curious stone formation, which resembles the face of Mooro, as well as the Museo de les Fogueres (Bonber Museum), is worth a look. There are some amazing images created at the June Fogueres Festival. The CAPA collection is also on display, including examples of modern Spanish sculpture, including works by Dalia.

Santa Faz is also worth the monastery, if only for the legend attached to its place; the pilgrims XVI. During the century when they were crucified to Alacin they brought a relic of the cloth used to clean the blood from Jesus' face. A miracle took place in the 19th century, and … A visit to the monastery to learn the whole story.

Lovers of the museum are looking for something similar to a traditional ceramic scrap, and so the birthplace is located in the Old Town of Alabama. As well as being an interesting Christmas bric-a-brac collection, the museum displays beautiful birthplaces around the world. The Bullfighting Museum offers something slightly different from the norm: a permanent demonstration focusing on local bullfighters. Venues for presentation and discussion of controversial venues are offered.

For more of the museum's regular experience, try the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts, its 20th With a collection of pieces from the Middle Ages to the Middle Ages. Alternatively, the La Aseguarda Museum offers a fine collection of contemporary pieces by Miro, Dali and Gargallo, as well as some non-Spanish artists.

The beaches of Alicante are as good as you will find on the coast, especially the San Juan beach. This includes a 7-mile fine sand and a wide range of facilities, as well as an 18-hole golf course.

The town center is packed with shops and restaurants, as well as several outlying shopping centers, such as Gran Via, Vista Hermosa and Panoramis. Food and beverage will certainly be a delight in Alicante with bars, bars and restaurants outside El Barrio and El Puerto. The two places offer a very different atmosphere, the charm of the city of El Barrio contrasts beautifully with the location of the modern port of El Puerto.

El Puerto (which means "Port") provides regular service to Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, France and northern Africa. Regular ferry and freight services, railways and highways make it the gateway to Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Denia and Madrid and the international airport and Alicante to the Spanish Costa Blanca.