Australia Travel Visa Options

Congratulations! You are flying to Australia! You will have the time of your life to explore the setback and relax on the beaches. But do you wait a minute to make sure you have a trip to Australia?
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All visitors, except residents of New Zealand, need a visa to enter Australia. Yes, there are more than one type; but in this article, we will cover only one: your Australia travel opportunities as a tourist. Underground Recreation If you want to visit or have friends and family, here are four options to open your visit.
AND (subsection 976)

AND is short for Electronic Travel Authority. It is currently open to 32 passport holders, including Canada, UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and most of Scandinavia and Europe. If you are a national of these countries, you can apply for a $ 20 free refund from your ETA office if you charge as a service.
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Or, you can get your ETA through a travel agency for an average of $ 25. ETA replaces the usual visa stamped on your passport.

Tourist (subsection 676)
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If you already have an ETA, you do not need to secure a short-term visa certificate. But what about a country that does not support the ETA candidate? What if your stay is more than three months old? In both cases you will need to get a tour. The standard costs $ 70 and allows only one entry for a one-year stay. You can use it up to 12 months from issue.
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Protecting the Family Visitor (Subsection 679)

Do you plan on staying with your family for a year? Visitors to the protected family can do so. To choose one, you must be formally protected by a permanent resident or an Australian resident.
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Work Vacation Author

You can apply for this visa only for all Australian diplomatic missions abroad. This is

  • Visitors from certain countries only.
  • Visitors aged 18-30 only.
  • Visitors who plan to stay for one year.
  • Visitors who plan to work part time.

Getting your Australian travel visa can be a breeze, you know what to do. Make it easy to travel if you want to get to this part of the world.