Where to go in India for High Luxury Living

I recently visited the huge city of Hyderabad, which is about to head south. Due to its reputation as Charminar and Golconda Fortress, it has a unique location near the recently renovated Falaknuma Palace.

Falaknuma Palace, a luxury group owned by Taj in the Indian subcontinent, has finally opened its doors to luxury-looking travelers. It is located in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, and is often the beginning of a remarkable journey through the Deccan.

Hyderabad, Hyderabad and Secunderabad is a part of the famous couple, located on the opposite bank of Hussain Sagar Lake. Hyderabad has a romantic story behind the birth. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah, the fifth king of Golconda, founded this city of Bhagyanagar in 1591 for the benefit of his lover Bhagmathi. He later named the city Hyderabad. If you are planning a luxury vacation in India, Deecan is a must and now it becomes even more interesting after opening the Falaknuma Palace.

The former Nizam headquarters of Hyderabad, passed down from generation to generation as a magnificent jewel. Taj has made a new life in this famous house, under the guidance of Prince Ezra, the eighth wife of Nizam. Falaknuma Palace is ready for Hyderabad & # 39; for the most exclusive address, to preserve the legacy of visiting royal queens, such as Edward VIII of Russia and Russia & # 39; s Nicholas II Tsar.

Guests of the luxury holiday in India Nizam & # 39; they may have a prestigious hospitality; for it was the sole reserve of kings. Also known as a heavenly mirror & # 39; Because it is built in the clouds thousands of meters above Hyderabad and reflects the changing moods of the sky. Set among several acres of land, 60 elegant guest rooms and suites can be selected, including a Grand Presidential Suite, private Nizamgo family and state guest rooms, and personal server services.

As stated by Taj, those who have appeared here enjoy the brilliance as Nizam thought.

The Palace Library is a replica of what is now Windsor Castle, a collection of manuscripts, books and Holy Qu & # 39; it is one of the most famous collections. the country, all were selected and brought back by the Nizam.

William Ward Marret not only designed the palace; created a space dedicated to the art of perfecting pleasure. With many hidden secrets I would recommend making your findings in your palace.

Hyderabad has great views if you are planning a stay at the palace. A major landmark in the city, Charminar was built two years before Hyderabad. A monument with four graceful minarets, it is named as the Arch of Eastern Triumph. Its central structure rises to a height of 180 feet.

Hyderabad's public gardens have some of the best gardens in the country. One of the gardens is very close to Hyderabad Railway Station. This beautifully landscaped garden features the Legislation Building, the State Archeology Museum and the Jubilee Hall.

The Salar Jung Museum is not to be missed. It is the largest antique collection in the world by one person. The museum was named after Nizam’s prime minister, Nawab Mir Tulab Ali Khan. Salar was called Jung Bahadur in 1853. Where he traveled included priceless gems and art. His work in the pursuit of objects became a passion for art and laid the foundations of this huge collection.

The museum displays 47,000 ancient antique pieces. One of the most famous exhibitions is Bezoni, the translucent white marble statue of the Italian sculptor. Other valuable items are Persian rugs, Chinese porcelain, Japanese lacquer, sculptures, already, Aurangazeb & # 39; the sword and Nur Jehan belong to Queen Jehangir and Shah Jahan of the Emperor.

If you are partial to your poison, then the Palace is also home to some of the most bizarre rumors, lone suitcases, luxury vodka and cognacs of Louis XIII. Plus, the most beautiful handmade cigarettes. world.

There is a lot to see and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. A bar with such a collection is always there when you have a long day living with India.

Taj Falaknuma's culinary experience recreates the passionate relationship between monarchs and their chefs. The palace offers two restaurants that reflect the influences of European and Indian design: Celeste, which offers Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, and Ada, which offers exquisite Indian dining, including dishes taken from the traditional palate's menus in the traditional Hyderabadi cuisine. .

Guests can also enjoy a Jade Veranda or have an afternoon tea at the magnificent Jade Room, hand-painted Victorian ceilings and candles. Pool relaxation includes inventive Rotundan food and drink, or guests can head to the special Hookah Lounge that recreates the romantic atmosphere of Prince India, or Nizam & # 39; bet on the game of billiards in the billiard room. .

Hyderabad and Deccan deserve a lot of exploration in their own right and the palace is the perfect place for India to experience the height of luxury.