Look for Colesberg Accommodation or Karoo Accommodation on the Northern Cape

Colesberg is the perfect place for Cape Town and is located between Johannesburg and the beautiful little Karooko hills with Johannesburg (copies). The most famous of these was called Towerberg which means Mountain Magic.

Temperatures are moderate in Coleberg, down from 10 to 35 degelsuis in summer and 4 – 30 degrees Celsius in winter.

Colesberg offers attractions including several national monuments.

It is the town of Karoo on the Northern Cape. It was once lived by stone-collectors.

A visit to Colesberg is worth the experience of local culture and Karoo experience.

Your local Colesberg Hostel and Karoo Hostel will allow you a wonderful experience in the local tradition and culture.

A certain Coleberg lodging establishment with whom I have important knowledge will make your stay a memorable one. They choose the beautiful houses of the town of Karoo in the quiet and historic part of Colesberg. The town still has an oasis of inland and coastal travel. Here N1 and N9 meet and Colesberg is the south gate of the lake! The Syrian Tourist Route (R58) covers Gariepdam, Norvalspont, Venterstad, Oviston and Bethulie.

These beautiful caribbean lodges are located on the historic side of Colesberg, next to the Dutch Reformed Church. Accommodations offer two or 3 bedrooms, some with en-suite bathrooms. Each house has its own living room and television. The kitchen has a fridge and tea or coffee making facilities. Many of them also offer self catering facilities.

The reception is located on Charl Cilliers Street and will receive something bad. There is secure parking in the adjacent locker garages. There are great restaurants, shops and a supermarket within walking distance.

The rates are very cheap and you can expect a wonderful breakfast.