A walk in the park in Newark

Although the state of New Jersey is relatively small, it offers some of the most unique places in the country, each rich in history and culture.

The oldest city in the state, and the third in the country (behind New York and Boston), Newark is historically rich. Known as the gateway to New Jersey, it is the financial, commercial and cultural hub of Newark Garden State. The city itself offers a wealth of quality entertainment, dining, culture and sports. All of which combines Newark to drive you on your next vacation.

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When you arrive in Newark, you will find a city rich in history, heritage, culture and the arts where you don't know where to start. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Newark Museum

Newark is the largest museum in New Jersey, called the Newark Museum proper. The perfect place for an unforgettable experience in the arts and natural sciences. The museum includes an impressive collection of 80 works from past and present world. There are many cultures.

The collections include Asian American and African and Classical collections. This results in the taste of the balloon, all on one roof.

The museum is home to the Victorian Ballantine. This is the last way to go back in time and live a whole new era … an experience not to be missed!

Other features of the museum are the well-known planetarium. They will take you to another galaxy and allow you to experience the universe on a very different level. In the daylight, take a stroll quietly through the beautiful sculpture garden and gardens that offer a wonderful touch to the wonderful museum.

2. A city without walls

The city is a walled city contemporary art gallery. It showcases the most beautiful works of art, as well as a collection of selections from around the nation. New Jersey is the oldest nonprofit alternative art and allows the public to understand and enjoy the challenge of contemporary art.

The wide range of exhibitions will allow a better understanding of the local culture and a new perspective on art.

3. Branch Brook Park

The oldest US park is in the heart of Newark. Branch Brook Park was the first county park to be opened for public use in the US and has continued to attract visitors ever since. It has also been placed in New Jersey and national records of historic sites.

The park is 4 miles long and is a resting place for over 2000 cherry blossoms, while the park has a wonderful atmosphere unlike anywhere else. The park has a large lake and numerous meandering streams that give the park some peace of mind. Branch Brook Park is a great place to relax, relax, take a leisurely stroll or just enjoy a good book!

4. New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)

If you want to discover the best acts and performances in the country, you will find Newark located in the heart of New York at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

The center has 2,750 multi-seat theaters, 500 intimate seating areas, 2 restaurants and a new outdoor plaza in the city. NJPAC brings you the best from around the world, from all over the country and from New Jersey, and recreation. Not to mention, there is something you like about it.

The center is easily accessible by car and offers safe and affordable parking. So there's no excuse not to pay the visit!

As has been shown, there is a strong focus on culture and the arts in Newark. This is the perfect place to visit for your next vacation in New Jersey.