Earlie Beach and the Art of Gold

Earlie Beach is a small town of about 1,300 people, in Queensland, Australia, on the Whitsunday Coast. The Whitsunday Islands and the unique Great Barrier Reef.

He is very popular with backpackers … and I was one of them! After arriving at the famous place, I relaxed for a couple of days and looked around, trying to find out what might be of interest to me.

I loved the feeling of being careless, for being lucky in this wonderful world.

One day, I don't remember when I was in a backpack or a pub, I saw an ad on the wall that hid my imagination. A picture of the wonderful tall ship without all my sails appeared before me. One commenter said that staying there would be an adventure of a lifetime experience.

It ran for a week around the Whitsundays, a collection of 74 continental islands off the north-east coast of Queensland.

I was hooked. I knew I had to go.

The announcement was also extended: "Backpackers who are willing to help serve and clean up their food will get a huge discount." I certainly went to a travel agency and immediately bought the ticket. I was very lucky; the boat was almost booked for the next few weeks and only a few places left.

I was also very excited about the trip and the boat. I began to gather information about my new means of transport, which was brigantine.

What is brigantine? Sorry for the technical word but there is no other way to go …

They do not exist today, with a mast of two masts, which is completely square upright, and at least two sails on the main mast: a square square top and a gaff section (behind the mast). The main mass is the second and the highest of the two masts.

The ship was built in 1910 by Ports and Victoria Harbor (Australia). At the time, it was called "Plover."

For the construction, the best materials were used: Kauri New Zealand, its huge tree, and copper swirls.

This amazing 30-meter boat was one of the last tallest ships on the planet.

It's hard to describe the feeling of being on top of it.

Its history is fascinating. It started out as a steamship in Melbourne. In many jobs fishing boat, ferry, boat and finally was a striking boat.

Unfortunately, the fire broke out in 1986. Fortunately no one was killed during the flame, but the board was destroyed. Even his infrastructure was completely ruined. Subsequently, the boat stayed in mud for 2 years on the Marybyrnong River. A disaster!

Provincially 4 German boys and a professional Geelong appliance named George Herbery had the idea of ​​seeing the great potential of the discredited ship.

The brothers, Helmut, Günther and Gert Jacoby, and an engineer named Ed Roleff were boat enthusiasts. It became an elegant and elegant sailing ship released within 4 years and 6 months.

It was so weird, striking and unique that it was commonly used in movies. One was the popular "The Blue Lagoon" softcore.

However, the day I was waiting to start the new journey …

The ship was blue with slow sails. What a wonderful sight I first saw! What a great feeling to start doing this job!

My imagination was wild … The Golden Ring reminded me of pirates, black and white flags on the skull, a symbol of piracy excellence … deadly navies and hidden treasures …

I was not alone in a wonderful boat … I was cruising the strange Whitsunday Islands.

White beaches and bright white beaches and turquoise water were waiting for me …

What then? Follow me … And I'll show you the world!