Mumbai – Indian dash – City of Energy and Enigma

Mumbai or Bombay is a city of great dreams and they are called millions of dreams. The financial capital of India, Mumbai, has carved out a certain spot in the same place in the world. A conglomerate of seven islands, this city took its name – Mumbai in 1996, formerly known as Bombay, which was given its name by the British. Mumbai's Never say die spirit and a never-ending energy & # 39; Sleeping Never Sleep & # 39; has given it an epithet of the city.

India is the gateway to western ships for India, Mumbai actually introduces people to the image of India. People across the state make a cocktail in India mini. Mumbai can also be reached by air, train and road. If you are traveling by air, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is a connection to the city. Mumbai Airport provides Mumbai air network with international and national destinations.

Whether you are traveling for the purpose of traveling to Mumbai or exploring the city of Mumbai from a tourists perspective, you will not disappoint. Mumbai, India offers umpteen opportunities in all areas.

Mumbai Map Mumbai is the best guide for road and travel destinations in Mumbai. Embark on a journey to Mumbai and discover the city of Mumbai in its hundreds of colors. This fast paced city of Mumbai has people of all tastes on the palate.

Mumbai Travel Destinations

The Gateway to India is Mumbai's most significant and highly visited passenger destination. Built in 1911 to celebrate the visit of George V and Queen Mary Delhi Durbar, the building was opened to the public in 1924. This ceremonial gate also plays an important role in 1948 as the last British military troop.

Prince of Wales Museusm History is another place for fans to hang out. Taking a look at Mumbai's past, the museum is a treasure trove of rare arts, culture, paintings and coins.

The Elephanta Caves are another famous destination for Mumbai travel. Located 9 km from Mumbai, these natural caves dedicated to Lord Shiva are quintessential in stone carving.

Another list of Mumbai travel destinations that you cannot forget is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. This massive building was formerly known as the Victoria Terminal.

No complete trip to Mumbai without visiting Haji Ali's Tomb, Marine Drive, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbadevi Temple, ISKCON Temple – Other destinations to travel to Mumbai.

Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai city hotels offer all types of accommodation for all types of budget. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel or just a few basic amenities along the Arabian Sea, the city of Mumbai has everything for you. Hotels in Mumbai fall into several categories, depending on service and budget. There are 5 star hotels in Mumbai, luxury hotels in Mumbai, luxury hotels in Mumbai and luxury suites in Mumbai. You can choose what, depending on the services you need and the amount allowed in your pocket.

Mumbai Business

A cultural avenue like Mumbai city, it receives people from all over India to fulfill their celluloid dreams. Mumbai city of Bollywood also offers many business opportunities. Nariman House and Bandra Kurla Complex are the business centers of Mumbai. All major business houses in Mumbai are located in these business districts of the city. Banking and Finance, BPOs, KPOs and Real Estate are thriving businesses in Mumbai.

Mumbai Festivals

Mumbai is not known for its business, this culturally lively city is renowned for its festive spirit. Ganesh Chaturthi is the most significant festival in Mumbai. The Navratri, Gokul Ashtami and Holi Mumbai festivals are other festivals held throughout the city of Mumbai.

Visit yourself to the city to discover this cultural curiosity