Transatlantic Crossings

Transatlantic cruising is the most amazing and fun way to travel from America to Europe and Europe to America. During the cruise you will remember the memory of the Atlantic crossing in the boat. The highest transatlantic cruise vacations are in the fall and summer. These are the times when ships re-position their cruises.
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Transatlantic Travel offers a variety of lines including Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Transatlantic Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Princess Transatlantic Cruise and Royal Caribbean. You will get beneficial transatlantic vessels under these lines.
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For centuries, people have traveled throughout the Atlantic Ocean. Now the routes are served by modern ships equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. In order to attract customers in the face of fierce competition, boat lines offer deals to various market segments. For example, there are cruise liners for families.
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While traveling aboard, people are offered a variety of new activities. For example, you may be able to look at the stars at night. Constellations are a sight. You will also have the opportunity to explore different European historic cities along the way, as well as seeing beautiful landscapes like Reykjavik in Iceland.
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The Royal Caribbean line is one of the lines that offer exciting relationships. The line offers an outlet in Tampa or Boston with an outlet such as cork to Ireland, Cherbourg to France and Brussels to Belgium. Boats are docked at many ports along the way for fun and fun food that cities offer to life-long tourists. From Europe to America, Royal Caribbean lines depart from Europe in Barcelona, ​​Oslo, Hamburg, Rotterdam and many other cities.
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In addition, the Norwegian cruise line offers cheap transatlantic cruises. It covers Miami, Southampton, Copenhagen and Barcelona. The cruises offered by the line are aimed at the general market segment. For this reason, there are special offers designed for couples who take time to bond and interact, or who take some time out of their stressful, stressful lifestyle. This means that there are cruise offers that will suit everyone who is ready for a life-long journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

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As offers often change, it is advisable to go to the websites listed above and compare offers between many cruises.


Explore Guyana while on Jaguar Safari

For those of you who have long dreamed of going to South America on a Jaguar safari, the hidden gem of a destination awaits you in Guyana. The Continent is the gateway to the Caribbean, with a long and interesting history of commerce and exploration, but now quite unknown to outside visitors – it is a rare paradise of unparalleled charm and natural beauty. Wildlife lovers who want to find somewhere else, while searching for striking wildlife in South America, will find a rewarding paradise. Here are some reasons why.
Introducing Guyana

The only country on the Caribbean mainland, the Republic of Guyana is located on the north coast of South America. Its capital, Georgetown, was formed by Dutch colonists and is now home to the Caribbean Community Secretariat; plays an important role in regional culture and politics. It maintains the wonderful atmosphere of the old quarter.
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Beyond Georgetown, the country is littered with jungle headwaters, meandering rivers and sweeping streams of creatures. It boasts abundant wildlife and extensive wilderness (over 70% of its native habitat is excellently preserved), as well as a relatively unknown place to see other wildlife in South America, making it a unique Jaguar safari destination.
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Fauna of Guyana

Among the world’s most beautiful wildlife cells, Guyana is among the most biodiverse; It is rich in flora and fauna and is home to over 20,000 species of plants, over a thousand species of birds, and a host of amazing mammals, reptiles and amphibians.
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This abundance and diversity is partly due to the range of habitats that the country encompasses, including coastal, mangrove, river, marsh, savanna, oak, evergreen and rainforest areas. The rigorous situation of many of them has allowed them to last a lifetime and the diversity of plant life allows a rich ecosystem to flourish.
In addition to the famous big cats that attract visitors to a Jaguar safari, there are giant Anteaters, Giant River Otters, Capybaras, Caimans, Tapirs and Guianan Saki Monkeys – to name a few. The smallest animals in the country are also friendly, ranging from bright golden frogs (one of the native species), to bird-like birds that enclose inside the cannabis. toucans.
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When to go

Guyana is a tropical country with two rainy seasons, shorter from November to January and longer from May to August. Although the rainy seasons are wet, you can still see some of the most beautiful forests. There will be tremendous growth everywhere and there will be huge waterfalls in the country at its peak. However, it is a great and beautiful place all year round, and visitors can take a Jaguar safari at any time of the year.
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Australia Travel Visa Options

Congratulations! You are flying to Australia! You will have the time of your life to explore the setback and relax on the beaches. But do you wait a minute to make sure you have a trip to Australia?
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All visitors, except residents of New Zealand, need a visa to enter Australia. Yes, there are more than one type; but in this article, we will cover only one: your Australia travel opportunities as a tourist. Underground Recreation If you want to visit or have friends and family, here are four options to open your visit.
AND (subsection 976)

AND is short for Electronic Travel Authority. It is currently open to 32 passport holders, including Canada, UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and most of Scandinavia and Europe. If you are a national of these countries, you can apply for a $ 20 free refund from your ETA office if you charge as a service.
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Or, you can get your ETA through a travel agency for an average of $ 25. ETA replaces the usual visa stamped on your passport.

Tourist (subsection 676)
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If you already have an ETA, you do not need to secure a short-term visa certificate. But what about a country that does not support the ETA candidate? What if your stay is more than three months old? In both cases you will need to get a tour. The standard costs $ 70 and allows only one entry for a one-year stay. You can use it up to 12 months from issue.
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Protecting the Family Visitor (Subsection 679)

Do you plan on staying with your family for a year? Visitors to the protected family can do so. To choose one, you must be formally protected by a permanent resident or an Australian resident.
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Work Vacation Author

You can apply for this visa only for all Australian diplomatic missions abroad. This is

  • Visitors from certain countries only.
  • Visitors aged 18-30 only.
  • Visitors who plan to stay for one year.
  • Visitors who plan to work part time.

Getting your Australian travel visa can be a breeze, you know what to do. Make it easy to travel if you want to get to this part of the world.


Things to do with Cody Wyoming

Cody is a great place to see the legacy of Old Wyoming’s old farmhouse, but it’s one of the biggest scenic drives in the Northwest, as well as the entrance to the east side of Yellowstone National Park.
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The Heart Mountain Interpretation Center, a world-class museum, shows through photographs, artifacts and oral histories of 1,000 people in Japan by the US Federal Government, who became US citizens in 1941 after the Pearl Harbor bombing. Without evidence that, except for important people in a community that seemed hostile, these Japanese Americans were arrested in various parts of the country for the duration of the war. The center shows through Japanese eyes what it was like to live in a detention center during the war. Cody Mural and Museum, the mural depicts the western movement of the Mormon pioneers throughout its content and history and is rich in color. The museum displays historic artifacts and the Sidon Canal building to enable life in this dry environment. To the west of the town is Old Trail Town, Buffalo Bill founded the first town of Cody City in 1895. Sitting here are 27 cabins located between 1879 and 1901, including “The hole-in-the-wall cabin.” where Butch Cassidy and other unlawful concealers were used. In addition, the museum has an extensive collection of horse drawn vehicles, memorable Wyoming landmarks and Indian artifacts. The Center for the Western Museum includes a wealth of objects, displays, and artifacts that tell the story of Western Americans. From contemporary life to Native culture and traditions, Buffalo Bill Cody has rich stories about the history of Western man and the times in which he lived. The firearms museum has 7,000 weapons in the west that tell the story of gun culture and the history of those who used it.
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The Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway Trail runs along the Absaroka Mountains near the Shoshone River with beautiful views of colorful cliff walls. The freeway is adjacent to the Buffalo Bill Reservoir in the Wapiti Valley, where panoramic views are visible with green meadows and the backsides on both sides.

Cody is a few miles north of Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, 47 miles crossing Shoshone National Forest from the Absaroka Mountains to the Clarks Fork Valley and ending at Beartooth Byway. After the Battle of the Great Hole in 1877, Chief Joseph fled to the East on his way from US ordnance to avoid being forced into a reserve.

The 68-mile Beartooth Byway runs through southwest Montana and northeastern Wyoming and ends at the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The entrance offers breathtaking views of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains with its high open alpine plains, abundant glacial lagoons, waterfalls, and access to a variety of U.S. ecosystems. Over one million acres along the freeway are marvelous desert alpine landscapes and forests. The freeway runs through one of the tallest and most rugged areas of the lower 48 states and is a high-rise freeway in the North Rockies. Montana at 10,350 feet high and 10,947 feet at Wyoming, the highest freeway for both states.

Covering more than two million acres and covered with numerous landscapes, Yellowstone itself is a miracle. With 80% of the park’s forest and 15% grass and abundance of water, it makes for a perfect habitat, such as the Deer, Moose, Bison, The Elk and the Seven Grizzly Bear and the increasingly powerful. , not to mention small eagles and not many species of birds, including eagles. Yellowstone is an important example of 1,000 years of complex geological history, where geysers, thermal pools, terraces, fosgaroles, and mud are still active geological features. However, the park is not just about what’s going on underneath the land we go to, it’s also about the park’s immense beauty.

At the Heart of Yellowston is Grand Loop Road, which resembles a large figure of eight. We can find all the important loops around the loop road in the main loop or for a short walk, don’t worry; there are five entrances to the park for the main loop. Depending on the tickets taken, the drive can be up to 225 miles – this Grand Loop is 170 miles. Plan for two or three days to see what the park has to offer. At the northeast entrance, it passes through the Lamar Valley, the great herd of Bison across the river. Aside from the valley, the freeway runs along the Lamar River waterfall, where it joins the Yellowstone River before entering the Yellowstone River. Heading east, freeways run along the Shoshone River along the Absaroka Mountains along the Buffalo Bill. The eastbound carriageway passes through the mountains through Sylvan Pass at 8,530 feet before descending to the eastern edge of Yellowstone Lake, the highest lake on the north 7,733 feet. The freeway makes its way to the top of the lake before crossing the mouth of the Yellowstone River before entering the Great Loop Road.

We’ve all heard so much about the Grand Canyon; however, Yellowston Canyon is just as spectacular. Actually, the length is only twenty miles, 1,000 feet deep and 1,500 to 4,000 feet wide. The inspiring beauty of this canyon is that the Yellowstone River hangs in dramatic colors and shapes on the canyon walls and the top falls are 109 feet and the falls below 308 feet. With 45 falls and hundreds of unnamed falls Yellowstone makes for a great place for the quiet sound and beauty of the water along the cliffs and rocks. The beauty goes far beyond, as the warm mineral water and beauty of Mammoth Springs is found on its surface with colorful terraces or on the road that crosses the Golden Gate Bridge. In 1885, where 14,000 cubic meters of solid stone were thrown away from the cliff and by a horse and chariot. It is amazing from the perspective of the bridge cork coming out of the colorful cliff wall. The Yellowstone Mountains and Valleys route is full of surprises, and memories will last forever.


Trekking adventures to Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Nepal is a wonderful country with many aspects of diversity in itself. Most notable among these would be the topography, where the structure of the land is plain and smooth in the low terai, in isolated valleys and in mountainous regions of the Himalayas. Nepal is called the Himalayan country and has the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, in the country's Khumbu region. Along with Mount Everest, there are many other mountain peaks around Everest. Hiking in the Everest region of Nepal is one of the most popular destinations for travelers around the world. Sagarmatha area, called the tallest mountain in the world, is plentiful with Sherpa villages, Buddhist culture and religion dominated. Therefore, while hiking to Everest Base Camp, you will most likely encounter many monasteries, Gumbas, chaityas and Bihars along the way. The path to Everest Base Camp is primarily decorated with Buddhist prayer flags and workshops on Mani stone walls.

The Khumbu region also has Sagarmatha National Park; and while driving to Everest Base Camp, you should walk through the park and reach Namche Bazaar. The Namche adventure is about exploring the town of Namche. It is also called the "Gateway" of Everest and is a wonderful location that offers the best views of Mount Everest and the surrounding peaks. Sagarmatha National Park is a World Heritage Site, with unique flora and fauna preserved within the perimeter. The leaves of the park are mainly planted with pine, northern and cedar trees, along with Nepal's national flower, along with rhododendrons. In fact, as you walk up to Everest Base Camp, the hike blossoms in colors of red, red, white and pink. Going to the base camp will surely remove the upper reaches of the Khumbu region like Dudh Koshi River, Bhote Koshi River and Gokyo Lakes. Other peaks in the area include Mount Lhotse, Cho Cho Oyu, Mount Thamserku, Mount Nuptse, Mount Dablam and Mount Pumori, among many others. As you walk through the region's forests to Everest campsite, you will find several hectares of birdlife. The forest has habitats of at least one hundred and eighteen bird species, including the Himalayan Monala, Blood Pheasants, Red and Yellow Letters. Not only that, Sagarmatha National Park allows you to wander through the habitat of rare animals like Musk-Deer, Snow Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears and Red Pandas. Himalayan Thars, Langur Monkeys, Martens and Himalayan wolves are also in the park.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp also includes visiting the Tengboche Monastery along the trail. It is located in the Tengboche village of Khumjung. Sherpa is a famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery and a hiking area in the Everest region. Tengboche Monastery is one of the largest Gompas in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The monastery offers panoramic views of the mountains like Tawache and Everest, and the monastery itself is decorated and intricate with paintings and murals and murals. The monastery attracts many hikers on their way to Everest Base Camp.

When trekking, you will come across a town called Dingboche. Also called "Summer Valley". Starting from Tengboche, you would come across this small farm in the Chhukung Valley. The Imja River flows directly east of the village. One of Dingboche's characters is miles built using stones of various sizes that cover the entire Imja Valley. The stones are removed from the soil and end up stacked on top of each other to create miles on the wall. It is called "Summer Valley" because it receives more sun than Pheriche town and due to the freezing winds that descend into the Khumbu valleys.

From Nagerjun, Dingboche is located on the edge of a hill in the Chingkun Valley, east of the Himalayan Mountains and west of Lobuche, Toboche Peak; and sometimes, when the weather allows, you can also get a great view of Mount Makalu from here. Mount Makalu is the fifth highest peak in the world. If you went to Everest Base Camp, you would eventually go to Lobuch, where you can live on the Khumbu Glacier. The Khumbu Glacier lies between Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse-Nuptse. It is four thousand nine hundred meters high, is the tallest glacier in the world, and is also one of the largest glaciers in Nepal. The Khumbu Glacier follows the final stretch of the route to Everest Base Camp. The glacier has a large ice fall, the Khumbu Icefall, at its western end.

Arriving at Everest Base Campground is in keeping with the great mountain atmosphere. The area is covered with snow and is very quiet and pretty. You would have the adventure of a life trek to Everest base camp. Featuring wonderful natural surroundings adorned with emerald leaves, snake rivers and rare animals, hiking in the Khumbu region offers the perfect opportunity to observe and participate in a unique and diverse culture of the people, to learn about their customs and customs and to visit many religious sites. and temples. Going to Everest Base Camp also gives you the chance to see some of the most breathtaking views of the mountain, along with some of the quaint villages and locations. The mountain trip encompasses every aspect of Everest to provide a wonderful adventure.


Where to go in India for High Luxury Living

I recently visited the huge city of Hyderabad, which is about to head south. Due to its reputation as Charminar and Golconda Fortress, it has a unique location near the recently renovated Falaknuma Palace.

Falaknuma Palace, a luxury group owned by Taj in the Indian subcontinent, has finally opened its doors to luxury-looking travelers. It is located in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, and is often the beginning of a remarkable journey through the Deccan.

Hyderabad, Hyderabad and Secunderabad is a part of the famous couple, located on the opposite bank of Hussain Sagar Lake. Hyderabad has a romantic story behind the birth. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah, the fifth king of Golconda, founded this city of Bhagyanagar in 1591 for the benefit of his lover Bhagmathi. He later named the city Hyderabad. If you are planning a luxury vacation in India, Deecan is a must and now it becomes even more interesting after opening the Falaknuma Palace.

The former Nizam headquarters of Hyderabad, passed down from generation to generation as a magnificent jewel. Taj has made a new life in this famous house, under the guidance of Prince Ezra, the eighth wife of Nizam. Falaknuma Palace is ready for Hyderabad & # 39; for the most exclusive address, to preserve the legacy of visiting royal queens, such as Edward VIII of Russia and Russia & # 39; s Nicholas II Tsar.

Guests of the luxury holiday in India Nizam & # 39; they may have a prestigious hospitality; for it was the sole reserve of kings. Also known as a heavenly mirror & # 39; Because it is built in the clouds thousands of meters above Hyderabad and reflects the changing moods of the sky. Set among several acres of land, 60 elegant guest rooms and suites can be selected, including a Grand Presidential Suite, private Nizamgo family and state guest rooms, and personal server services.

As stated by Taj, those who have appeared here enjoy the brilliance as Nizam thought.

The Palace Library is a replica of what is now Windsor Castle, a collection of manuscripts, books and Holy Qu & # 39; it is one of the most famous collections. the country, all were selected and brought back by the Nizam.

William Ward Marret not only designed the palace; created a space dedicated to the art of perfecting pleasure. With many hidden secrets I would recommend making your findings in your palace.

Hyderabad has great views if you are planning a stay at the palace. A major landmark in the city, Charminar was built two years before Hyderabad. A monument with four graceful minarets, it is named as the Arch of Eastern Triumph. Its central structure rises to a height of 180 feet.

Hyderabad's public gardens have some of the best gardens in the country. One of the gardens is very close to Hyderabad Railway Station. This beautifully landscaped garden features the Legislation Building, the State Archeology Museum and the Jubilee Hall.

The Salar Jung Museum is not to be missed. It is the largest antique collection in the world by one person. The museum was named after Nizam’s prime minister, Nawab Mir Tulab Ali Khan. Salar was called Jung Bahadur in 1853. Where he traveled included priceless gems and art. His work in the pursuit of objects became a passion for art and laid the foundations of this huge collection.

The museum displays 47,000 ancient antique pieces. One of the most famous exhibitions is Bezoni, the translucent white marble statue of the Italian sculptor. Other valuable items are Persian rugs, Chinese porcelain, Japanese lacquer, sculptures, already, Aurangazeb & # 39; the sword and Nur Jehan belong to Queen Jehangir and Shah Jahan of the Emperor.

If you are partial to your poison, then the Palace is also home to some of the most bizarre rumors, lone suitcases, luxury vodka and cognacs of Louis XIII. Plus, the most beautiful handmade cigarettes. world.

There is a lot to see and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. A bar with such a collection is always there when you have a long day living with India.

Taj Falaknuma's culinary experience recreates the passionate relationship between monarchs and their chefs. The palace offers two restaurants that reflect the influences of European and Indian design: Celeste, which offers Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, and Ada, which offers exquisite Indian dining, including dishes taken from the traditional palate's menus in the traditional Hyderabadi cuisine. .

Guests can also enjoy a Jade Veranda or have an afternoon tea at the magnificent Jade Room, hand-painted Victorian ceilings and candles. Pool relaxation includes inventive Rotundan food and drink, or guests can head to the special Hookah Lounge that recreates the romantic atmosphere of Prince India, or Nizam & # 39; bet on the game of billiards in the billiard room. .

Hyderabad and Deccan deserve a lot of exploration in their own right and the palace is the perfect place for India to experience the height of luxury.


Atlanta Airport Hotels

Looking for the best Atlanta airport hotels? True, airport hotels have the added advantage of being very close to airports, making transportation easy and easy. If you are looking for Atlanta airport hotels then you are in luck. There are plenty of hotels in Atlanta Airport that offer luxury, comfortable, high quality service that will suit your needs.

Some wonderful airport hotels include Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel, Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel, Renaissance Concourse Hotel Atlanta, Courtyard by Marriot Atlanta Hotel Airport North, Amerisuites Atlanta Airport North, Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta Airport, Best Western Atlanta Airport, Westin Atlanta airport, Marriot Atlanta Airport and Peachtree Hotel Atlanta Airport.

These hotels are not only close to the airport, but also equipped with style and luxury for comfort and convenience. Transportation from these hotels to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is not a problem, with some hotels such as Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel, Renaissance Concourse Hotel Atlanta, Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel and Courtyard by Marriot Atlanta Airport North among others. airport and airport services.

The Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel has won the AAA 4-Diamond Award for 16 years. The Renaissance Concourse Hotel Atlanta boasts the largest lobby of all airport hotels, while other hotels have many other features of luxury and convenience.

Some of the common features of almost all of these hotels are proximity to the airport and some of the amenities and rooms and hotel services that are essential. Most hotels offer a variety of services including data ports, Internet services, complimentary newspapers, coffee makers, iron and ironing boards, cable television, hairdryer, disabled rooms, restaurants, indoor or outdoor pools, spa or fitness. centers, business center and many other services.

The unique feature of these airport hotels is that, without compromising the breathtaking views of the area, such hotels have been built in such a way as to reduce the impact of sound. Therefore, they are a perfect paradise even if you are very close to the airport.


Look for Colesberg Accommodation or Karoo Accommodation on the Northern Cape

Colesberg is the perfect place for Cape Town and is located between Johannesburg and the beautiful little Karooko hills with Johannesburg (copies). The most famous of these was called Towerberg which means Mountain Magic.

Temperatures are moderate in Coleberg, down from 10 to 35 degelsuis in summer and 4 – 30 degrees Celsius in winter.

Colesberg offers attractions including several national monuments.

It is the town of Karoo on the Northern Cape. It was once lived by stone-collectors.

A visit to Colesberg is worth the experience of local culture and Karoo experience.

Your local Colesberg Hostel and Karoo Hostel will allow you a wonderful experience in the local tradition and culture.

A certain Coleberg lodging establishment with whom I have important knowledge will make your stay a memorable one. They choose the beautiful houses of the town of Karoo in the quiet and historic part of Colesberg. The town still has an oasis of inland and coastal travel. Here N1 and N9 meet and Colesberg is the south gate of the lake! The Syrian Tourist Route (R58) covers Gariepdam, Norvalspont, Venterstad, Oviston and Bethulie.

These beautiful caribbean lodges are located on the historic side of Colesberg, next to the Dutch Reformed Church. Accommodations offer two or 3 bedrooms, some with en-suite bathrooms. Each house has its own living room and television. The kitchen has a fridge and tea or coffee making facilities. Many of them also offer self catering facilities.

The reception is located on Charl Cilliers Street and will receive something bad. There is secure parking in the adjacent locker garages. There are great restaurants, shops and a supermarket within walking distance.

The rates are very cheap and you can expect a wonderful breakfast.


A walk in the park in Newark

Although the state of New Jersey is relatively small, it offers some of the most unique places in the country, each rich in history and culture.

The oldest city in the state, and the third in the country (behind New York and Boston), Newark is historically rich. Known as the gateway to New Jersey, it is the financial, commercial and cultural hub of Newark Garden State. The city itself offers a wealth of quality entertainment, dining, culture and sports. All of which combines Newark to drive you on your next vacation.

Getting to and from Newark is the best way to hire a car rental company. The beauty of choosing an option is that you will have the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want and basically, you can start your journey from the destination you want.

When you arrive in Newark, you will find a city rich in history, heritage, culture and the arts where you don't know where to start. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Newark Museum

Newark is the largest museum in New Jersey, called the Newark Museum proper. The perfect place for an unforgettable experience in the arts and natural sciences. The museum includes an impressive collection of 80 works from past and present world. There are many cultures.

The collections include Asian American and African and Classical collections. This results in the taste of the balloon, all on one roof.

The museum is home to the Victorian Ballantine. This is the last way to go back in time and live a whole new era … an experience not to be missed!

Other features of the museum are the well-known planetarium. They will take you to another galaxy and allow you to experience the universe on a very different level. In the daylight, take a stroll quietly through the beautiful sculpture garden and gardens that offer a wonderful touch to the wonderful museum.

2. A city without walls

The city is a walled city contemporary art gallery. It showcases the most beautiful works of art, as well as a collection of selections from around the nation. New Jersey is the oldest nonprofit alternative art and allows the public to understand and enjoy the challenge of contemporary art.

The wide range of exhibitions will allow a better understanding of the local culture and a new perspective on art.

3. Branch Brook Park

The oldest US park is in the heart of Newark. Branch Brook Park was the first county park to be opened for public use in the US and has continued to attract visitors ever since. It has also been placed in New Jersey and national records of historic sites.

The park is 4 miles long and is a resting place for over 2000 cherry blossoms, while the park has a wonderful atmosphere unlike anywhere else. The park has a large lake and numerous meandering streams that give the park some peace of mind. Branch Brook Park is a great place to relax, relax, take a leisurely stroll or just enjoy a good book!

4. New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)

If you want to discover the best acts and performances in the country, you will find Newark located in the heart of New York at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

The center has 2,750 multi-seat theaters, 500 intimate seating areas, 2 restaurants and a new outdoor plaza in the city. NJPAC brings you the best from around the world, from all over the country and from New Jersey, and recreation. Not to mention, there is something you like about it.

The center is easily accessible by car and offers safe and affordable parking. So there's no excuse not to pay the visit!

As has been shown, there is a strong focus on culture and the arts in Newark. This is the perfect place to visit for your next vacation in New Jersey.


Salsa Music, Calico Lifeblood

You walk through the dark entrance, leaving the tropical night behind. Suddenly, the sound waves overflow. If you sweat, your heart beats to bass, bongo, bells and brass. The walls seem to be pulsing. The sticky smell of perspiration mixed with the vapor attacks you. As you go into dark eyes, broken by hypnotic multi-colored stanzas, you realize that they are not closing the walls, but the dancers … rumors of dancers, weaving and twisting, twinkling bodies, knives blasting in quarters … the time has come. You fill your lungs with a pungent odor, tighten your belt and immerse yourself. Welcome to Changora Cali (Colombia) – One of the hottest Salsa nightclubs in Latin America.

Cali, a modern city and main festival, is located in the heart of the Valley. When Colombians say "Valley," in the Cauca Valley, the Garden of Eden is less than a hundred and fifty miles long and fifteen miles wide between the coastal mountains and the Central Cordillera. Until the end of the century, this ValIey was only a rural setting.

Back then, with a population of about 15,000, the Cauca Valley was largely a livestock country, spread out along the "haciendados". These were proud, almost astonishing men who grew their flocks and herds of cattle. Some have planted sugar cane to produce a "sweetener" sweetener and to distill the clear but powerful "aguardiente" crystal that is still in use today. Life was slow, measured, patriarchal and unalterable.

It has been said that the Cauca region is southern Colombia for the United States. In fact, there are similarities. In rare times, "hidalgos" embellishments were "decorated" with velvet or scarlet fabric embroidered with gold and silver buttons, their silk waist belts and shirt lips were the most beautiful, "says Kathleen Romoli. Colombia: Gateway to South America. And Southern States As in the colonial rhymes, many slaves were imported to work the fields and serve the Gentiles.

Time has brought many changes. At present, the valleys are full of sugar cane plantations. The mechanized production of cotton, rice and cattle has become the most important agricultural area of ​​the Cauca Valley in Colombia, after "King Coffee". The industry has grown with economic growth. A quiet colonial town in 1900, Cali has become a major manufacturing hub with more than a thousand industrial estates

There is salsa in the air

With all the changes, Cali retains the charm of the home, a different personality from other cities, the atmosphere you found in the Caribbean. Romoli describes it well:

Today, Cali's most striking thing is not the square imposing government buildings and rows of taxis on the avenues of giant palm trees, nor the neighborhoods and churches with modem cities, whose bells instead of investigating the chime tones like Bogota, or the busy factories. It is a whirlwind of cheerfulness, almost tender, not a city of many amusements. Cali is not a homosexual because of commercial facilities for organized diversions, but because of the grace of the god.

Cali attracts travelers from all over the place; tourists, businessmen, backpackers, scientists and students. And of course, salsa enthusiasts and salsa artists. Recording studios, "rumberias", "discothèques" and "viejotecas" are numerous.

What is Cali's appeal? The cheerful atmosphere of the city? Spectacular sunsets? The natural beauty of the Andes rise? The gallant beauty of his women? Maybe June is a climate that is always there. Or could it be its remarkable purity? Many Colombian towns are clean, but Cali is so clean. Or maybe they are trees and flowers, a red and purple rumble of fascination on the walls, a golden cup thrown from the walls, a light trumpet bell ringing, a poinsettia scrub, a wonderful garden, a magenta leaf and a carmine flower or other feathery green (white or pink flowers). pale); also in winter, humble birds with iridescent green bellies bloom in winter.

No Salsa No Dates

Cali has them all. But undoubtedly, the main attraction for many in this wonderful city is Salsa music. The sensual and tropical rhythms of the sauce lose the lives of two million plus Caleños. You will hear Salsa on every bus. Go for a walk, go to school or shop for salsa in the air. And, of course, there are nearly two dozen local radio stations on nearly every Salsa. Throughout the country, 24 hours a day, Salsa pulls out loudspeakers in the streets, parks, shops, cars, portable radios and private homes. Cali Salsa lives and breathes. But why salsa? Many other traditions, styles and types of folk music flourish in Cali (including traditional Cumbia, where machete-driven dancers surround women soaked in exploded skirts). What makes Salsa so special? Vallenatos is, after all, a brand of folk music that has its roots in the Spanish conquistadors, especially as Carlos Vives sings the Colombian Grammy Award winners. The Boleros (check out Luis Miguel's "Invisible") and Mereng continue to have strong following here.

Why is this style rooted so deeply in culture? The answer for fans is simple: "I love salsa music." Whatever the reason for the universal reputation for quality, Salsa music is more than just a dance. It is an essential social skill, my friend Carmen said, "No sauces – no dates." You can't meet other people unless you dance. "And that's why there are saucy dance schools all over the city. You pay for lessons per hour. Prices are $ 2 to $ 6 per hour more private. -Learning only. Group classes are fast paced. schools are not the place to go to learn, but to practice and refine your movements or pick up some new ones. They are a "good place to meet your neighbors. It is important to dance well or be boring," says Sofia, a Salsa fan.

Cali is known as the "Capital of Salsa, the World," a title that came from Cuba's post-Cuban Fidel and often shares with New York City. But those who may have an "Exceptional Capital of the World" will also agree that Cali is no doubt the "Salsa Capital of South America." The best Latin salsa artists, like Jerry "54th Street" in New York City, fly to cover their stuff. At one point you can see all the famous salsa names. Artists Cuban "Salsa Queen" Celia Cruz; Guitarist, singer and songwriter Juan Luis Guerra from the Dominican Republic; Frank Raul Grillo, a Cuban American also known as Machito; Reuben Blades, a well-known singer, songwriter, actor and politician from Panama, famous for his musical innovations and traditional salsa; Willie Colon; Oscar d 'Leon and others.


And you don't have to go far to hear all the styles and variants of this city of dancers. Juanchito, with its 120 hottest dance halls, is the twisted heart of Calico's Salsa night. Every year, two hundred thousand people flock to this eastern district to party. Cali nightclubs and "viejotecas" young and not so young. Younger Latinos are usually the softer, more sentimental music known as Salsa Romantica, known by bandmates Eddie Santiago and Tito Nieves. Internationally known salsa singers in the 1990s, Linda "India" Caballero and Mark Anthony. Puerto Rico's "Puerto Rico Power" orchestra is another hot band of Cali and Puerto Rican fans.

While it is exciting to hear that famous salsa music performers abroad, don't forget to mix Cali with some of the world's most renowned bands and Salsa musicians. Classic and innovative. It is worth going to Calira to hear the sounds of the unusual sounds of Jairo Varela and Grupo Niche. Or other artists like "Son de Cali" on the Caliko Salsa scene who inject new blood like "Canela Orchestra" and Lisandro Meza. These and Kike Santander, Joe Arroyo, and Eddy Martinez's classic Salsa floods air and flow with "coca-colos" (late-20s teenage girls) and "queues" in nightclubs, sauces, and even. At 35 years old, in old-age shops that draw crowds.

When I came to Calira in 1995, I thought my salsa was fine. After all, I picked up some gentle moves from Puerto Rico’s hottest beauty pageants this summer in San Juan. When I returned to my home state of Pennsylvania, on Friday or Saturday night, we had the opportunity to mingle with Latinos and water them in Hispanic water. I did double speed on a rectangular pattern, and I would add swirls and twists to the heavy pace. I had no problem getting and keeping dance partners. Then, in Miami, during the Labor Day weekend recession, I met a Latin lover. Later that week I was invited to dinner and dance at one of the main Salsa clubs in the city of "La Cima" to show my moves. He was excited. We were married a year later and a couple of years later we moved to his hometown of Colombia.

Colombian salsa is a different beast. The style, rhythm and rhythm are similar in other places, but in the dance floor it is a different story. My feet knew the pace, but 1 behaved as if I were wearing Bozo shoes. For a time, it stuck in the middle places like "Cuarto Venina" on the deep brown and knee-deep banks of the Cali River. It is heard alone, there is no dance here. You can soak up the music in the costumes and colds of "Costeña". It can be a nice touch for a Sunday afternoon. They are currently my Latin cutie and 1 "cuchos" (over 35). It's been ten years. We're still here, dancing to salsa. And I'm still showing my moves.