Explore Old West Colorado

Before the volcanic explosion that formed these famous mountains, the area was tropical. Dinosaurs circled the area. Palm trees and ferns were the flora of the time.

Early cavemen flocked to the United States from the land bridge across the Bering Strait, linking present-day Russia with Alaska. These people inhabited the western region of the United States and evolved into our founders of Native Americans.

Fast forward thousands of years. Spanish researchers have visited the area in search of gold and other riches.

The French follow. They were expanding their holdings in the undiscovered United States west of Mississippi. Then American researchers traveled west to map their new acquisition from the French, the Louisiana Purchase.

Other Americans moved west of the colonial United States to find their adventures. Mountain men who embarked in Colorado decided to live in this rough land. French coat-holders came into the bean-hides territory, which was so sought after for hats, coats and jackets for rich people.

A man named Zebulon Pike explored central Colorado and found the famous mountain that bears his name. Mr. Pike opened the territory of Colorado for further exploration. Many sought wealth just like the Spaniards had several hundred years ago.

And they found him. The golden tide was in Colorado. Thousands competed from the east to make their fortune with the "Pikes Peak or Bust" slogan on their lips or painted on their wagons. Cities you now know today, such as Denver, Aspen, Leadville, were once tent cities around gold beats.

With the newly established cities established, lawlessness, gambling, houses of bad repute and encroachment have invaded the scene of the golden tide. Many old legends in the west turn Colorado into a halt to travel to other parts of the established west.

When the gold was finally taken out, the gold diggers either left the area to head back east or stayed on the plains of Colorado to cultivate the land. Some hearty souls joined the wagon trains heading west because our new country suddenly grew larger and more people expanded into the territory.

With the influx of these new residents, the original landowners, Native Americans, were pushed out of their property.

The Indians retaliated against the attack and bloody fighting ensued between them and the US government.

By the end of the century, 1899, Colorado was well established and established as a state. So you can see, in a short time, Colorado was part of the legend of the wild west in a very big way.

When visiting, think about where you go or the mountains you take pictures of.
Hundreds of years ago, the first researchers looked at exactly the same thing, walking in the same area. It definitely gives you a sense of perspective.

Hiking trails near Denver

A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, Denver has a picturesque landscape that makes it one of the best cities in Colorado to visit. With the Rocky Mountains serving as a backdrop on one side and the High Plains on the other; Colorado offers amazing scenic views. A city buzzing with outdoor activities and activities, people with good spirits and beautiful sunny weather, it attracts people from all over the world. For your next vacation, hop-on flights to the country and preparing for a fun vacation in Denver.

The city is aptly named Mile High City because it is located one mile above sea level, making it one of the tallest cities in the United States of America. Denver is a blessing in nature. So spending a day hiking in Denver is one of the best things to do while visiting the city. There are several beautiful hiking trails in the desert near the city; giving people the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the quaint and peaceful environment. So, book your sunshine airline and fly to Denver to relax in the lap of nature.

St. Mary's Ice Chain: A significantly easy 1.6-mile hike, this trail is located in the Arapaho National Forest near Idaho Springs. The trail leads to a glacier-fed lake that leaves people fearful, willows and wildflowers surrounding it. Upon reaching the lake, there is a path that leads further to the glacier itself, where one can even spot wild animals such as biggarn sheep and moose.

Goliath Mountain Natural Area: This place is a treasure trove for nature lovers and tourists alike, with pine tree garlic decorating the trails. It has an abundance of hiking trails of various types, ranging from short to long, easy to hard; catering for all types of tourists.

Royal Arch Trail: The Royal Arch Trail is quite popular because of the scenic views it provides. Travelers can enjoy the panoramic scenery of the city of Boulder and Colorado. The front range of this hiking trail. This magnificent place is mostly crowded on weekends and early mornings. Nestled in Boulder Park, Chautauqua, the trail reaches a length of 3.4 miles and has a moderate climb. Take advantage of the best Virgin America flight deals and fly to Denver for an incredible adventure.

Waterfall Knot: This refreshing chunk is nature's 5.4-mile long hiking trail with an average difficulty that leads to a beautiful 40-foot waterfall. The trail is quite captivating as there are some rare orchids known as "Fairy Tale Orchid" by Fairy Slipper & # 39; growing in the desert of this path. However, it is not easy to spot them. The sights and sounds of this place will definitely delight the senses of tourists. Browse online to find the best last-minute travel deals and fly to Denver to browse for such impressive places.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park: An hour's drive from Denver, this park offers a 36-mile hike with aesthetically pleasing nature. Each of the twelve paths in the Grand Gate Canyon Park is named after an animal and is marked with the footprint of that animal. The park is frequented by people of all ages who are looking for an outdoor getaway near Denver.

Family vacation in Colorado

What can you do for a family vacation in Colorado?

A Colorado family vacation really does pack

Why not head to the wide open spaces of the West for your next vacation? The mountains and valleys offer some of the best ways for parents and children to enjoy the great outdoors and is the idea of ​​a family vacation in Colorado that will please everyone in the group. If you dream of thrills and excitement, then just sit back and discover the fun that awaits you in this mountain paradise.

Excitement and a true outdoor adventure

White water rafting is a top attraction in Colorado and you will find numerous breathtaking rivers there. Rocky Mountain National Park is a must for those planning a family vacation in Colorado. Here you can do a backpack, hike, swim, snowmobile or just see the local wildlife. Indigenous elk, shepherds, beaver and other animals live in the towering Rocky Islands. If you enjoy outdoor sports like sledding and fishing, this is one of the sites that allow you to "do everything".

Vacation dudes in Colorado and dudes for guests

Mile High State has dozens of dudes and hospitable ranches for visitors to explore. These are places where you can test your fishery skills in crystal clear mountain streams, hike in the river through inland tubes or ride through alpine meadows on horseback.

Find out how much fun it is to go hayrides, camp under the endless stars, and go down with other people in a true chamber. Camp fires, storytelling, archery, trap shooting, rock climbing and trails are some of the activities that organize ranches for dudes and guests. Your accommodations will even have swimming pools, hot tubs and other modern amenities to make your stay the best you have ever experienced.

See Sundance Trails, Powderhorn, Deer Valley Ranch, Colorado Trails or King Mountain Ranch. Each has its own schedule of activities and most have specific events for children to enjoy. You can find guest ranches that only house about a dozen guests, or those that have seating for 60 or more visitors. This is a family vacation that will provide you with some great memories and exciting moments.

Mesa Verde National Park

Visit Mesa Verde National Park with your family and discover the ancestral home of the ancient Pueblo tribes. By purchasing a tour ticket, you can visit the Balcony House, Cliff Palace or the famous Long House site. These hikes and tours give you a chance for a rich, historic experience that takes you back in time. There are almost 5,000 nationally protected archeological sites in this park and more than 600 of them have been discovered on the rocks.

Mesa Verde events

While visiting Mesa Verde Country in Colorado, you may want to check out some of the events offered during the year. The Indian Arts and Culture Festival takes place in May and you can see authentic Native American art, watch their dances and listen to concerts. This festival has become a major tourist attraction over the years.

In late summer, it's time for Mesa Verde to host the Mesa Verde Food, Wine and Art Festival. You will have a full weekend here for wine tasting, 5 star food temptations, concert activities and you can even attend the winemaker's special dinner. The Ute / Mesa Verde Mountain Bird Festival is happening with spring migration and this is a great opportunity to study the many birds that flock to the area. If your family enjoys bird watching, then you should not neglect this special event. September is the time of year when the Balloon Festival in Mancos starts, and this colorful, high flying adventure is the highlight of many family vacations in Colorado.

Ouray Colorado – Shangri-La hot springs

If there is a Shangri-la, that's all. There are few places on earth that compare to Orai. This is a precious jewel that remains unknown to many tourists and residents.

Hidden deep in the remote San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, Natural Hot Springs have been attracting people for centuries. The Ute Indians made their summer camps near the bubbling hot springs on the banks of the Unfraffra River.

They believed that this special valley of hot springs had a "great cure." Do it. A hot spring will wash away your worries and rejuvenate your spirits. Soaking in the mineral waters and watching the clouds soar above the alpine peaks is a relaxing way to take in the Colorado Rockies.

Ouray Colorado is a special place. The novelist, Ayn Rand, thinks she is so special that she uses Oray as a setting for her utopian city of Galt of Galt in the novel Atlas Shrugs.

This small Victorian village is scattered with many natural hot springs that can be seen from the nearby mountains. One is even located in a cave. Many huts in the city offer facilities that include the use of their private hot springs. Many have many hot tubs, others have swimming pools and some have both. This is a paradise for immersion.

Ouray is blessed with beauty. It's called "Switzerland of the Rockies." On all sides of the village, large mountains rise 2,000 feet above the valley floor. The snow-capped peaks that ring in the village are outlined against the blue sky. Words cannot describe it, and the cameras are also adequate. It's just grand.

Like all alpine villages, there are countless outdoor activities. You can do normal things like hiking, jeeping, exploring ghost towns, rafting on wild rivers, and taking pictures of alpine meadows full of wildflowers and waterfalls. But Ouray has something new and different. It is the world's first ice climbing park.

This little town doesn't winter in the winter anymore. Every year, thousands of ice climbers come to Orai to climb the artificial ice known as the "Ice Hero" created by the Orai Ice Farmers. It's quite a festival.

But the city's hot springs pool remains the main attraction for Ouray. The pool has been completely remodeled, updated and expanded. It is now 250 feet by 150 feet with a warm soaking section and a cooler lap section. The temperature ranges from 70 to 104 F. Soaking in the pool is the best way I know to recover from an active day in the mountains.

If you are a romantic, you can tour this Victorian town in an old western stage carriage or you may prefer a white horse carriage. The local stables have both.

The pool brings visitors from all over, but you will feel like a stranger in the city in just a few minutes. The locals are calm and very friendly. There seems to be a slower pace here, very relaxing. They say "howdy" will smile in this unique western way.

Ouray and The Hot Springs Pool is a popular year-round getaway for residents of Western Colorado. But it is still a precious jewel that remains unknown to many tourists and residents.

Ouray may not actually be Shangri-la, but it looks and feels and has that mystical charm.

By Tod Vandewalker