Explore Old West Colorado

Before the volcanic explosion that formed these famous mountains, the area was tropical. Dinosaurs circled the area. Palm trees and ferns were the flora of the time. Early cavemen flocked to the United States from the land bridge across the Bering Strait, linking present-day Russia with Alaska. These people inhabited the western region of the […]

Hiking trails near Denver

A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, Denver has a picturesque landscape that makes it one of the best cities in Colorado to visit. With the Rocky Mountains serving as a backdrop on one side and the High Plains on the other; Colorado offers amazing scenic views. A city buzzing with outdoor activities and activities, people with […]

Family vacation in Colorado

What can you do for a family vacation in Colorado? A Colorado family vacation really does pack Why not head to the wide open spaces of the West for your next vacation? The mountains and valleys offer some of the best ways for parents and children to enjoy the great outdoors and is the idea […]

Ouray Colorado – Shangri-La hot springs

If there is a Shangri-la, that's all. There are few places on earth that compare to Orai. This is a precious jewel that remains unknown to many tourists and residents. Hidden deep in the remote San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, Natural Hot Springs have been attracting people for centuries. The Ute Indians made their […]