Let's do a 1-day Grand Canyon rafting tour

One-day rafting tours along the Colorado River are an exciting part of visiting the Grand Canyon. More importantly, the calm water sections of the river are completely safe for paddlers of all ages and physical abilities. The result: more people than ever have the opportunity to see this incredible wilderness from the bottom up.

South Rim

The most popular floating tours are on South Rim. Points of interest include Tusayan, Grand Canyon Village, Flagstaff and Williams. The boats bounce off the base of Glen Canyon Dam and travel 15 miles down the river until they reach historic Lee Ferry, where white water begins.

Along the way you will see many wild animals that include California condors, big sheep horns, hawks and trout that can reach up to 22 inches! You will pass through Horseshoe Bend before pulling onto a sandy beach for lunch and swimming. There is even a casual hike in a hidden canyon for ancient Indian rock art.

Las Vegas

This trip features a fantastic helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It then heads to the base of Hoover Dam for an 11-kilometer smooth water voyage to Willow Beach, Arizona. Highlights include a stroll through the magnificent Black Canyon and swimming in some of the most beautiful parts of Lower Colorado.

The boats used on these tours are adventurous and designed to handle Class V rapids. The watercraft, which can hold up to 19 passengers, is easy to access and ideal for travelers with mobility problems. The seats are to the side and front of the vessel, with a river guide at the rear where the engine is located. Personal gear is tucked away in the center.

As you are out all day, you will want to take appropriate precautions to avoid sunburn. I also suggest packing a lip balm, a sleeve hat, a light, cotton long-sleeved shirt and a pair of sunglasses with a strap. Swimming is encouraged, so plan to bring a change of clothes to take back to your hotel or lodging.


Part of the fun of the trip is the professional and courteous people who help with the transportation. Trained drivers operate wagons and saloons. The guides that explain the sights during the tour are well known and kind. Each aspect of the trip is planned and implemented in a way that promotes the pleasure of every participant in the tour.

Floating tours are incredibly popular and are prone to bargains. My suggestion is to book your trip at least a week in advance. This will ensure that you get seats for you, your family or group. Avoid booking at a destination that will end up costing you a lot more. And don't forget to buy your trip online. This is where the deals are. But remember: complete the transaction online to qualify for a discount online.


The pleasure of day rafting is indisputable for those who have participated in the past. Not only that, but children who are four years old can do it! You can browse through online comments and posts to get a better idea of ​​how great these trips are. Bottom line: Sailing tours are a great, leisurely way to explore the greatness of the canyon at a price that all travelers can afford.