Guide to the Phoenix Museum of Art

The Phoenix Museum of Art is located at the corner of McDowell Road & Central Avenue at 1625 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. It was built in 1936 and originally named the Phoenix Art Center. All of this was the result of the New Deal initiative proposed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a […]

Exploring the small towns of eastern Aruba

When visiting Aruba, tourists often spend most of their time near the west coast, home to the island's capital and cultural center – Oranestad – and most of the best beach resorts. Although the eastern half of Aruba lacks the splendor of the western beach areas, the area is home to many charming destinations waiting […]

Montejoro, Portuguese Resort Guide

Montejoro Resort is located in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal, on the outskirts of Albufeira at the northern end of the famous strip. The resort is ideally located for fantastic nightlife and beautiful sandy beaches in the region. The resort has developed a lot in recent years and now has some great accommodation facilities, including […]

Free swimming at Boulder Creek in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Creek is a 31.4 mile (50.5 km) river that drains the Rocky Mountains west of Boulder, Colorado, as well as the city itself and surrounding plains. The creek is formed by two main tributaries rising along the continental dividend: North and Middle Boulder Creek. From its source at the intersection of the northern and […]

A rough guide to Spain

Spain is the cultural center of Europe and the third most popular tourist destination in the world; moreover, it is home to an ever-growing eclectic mix of expats from around the world. Those who choose to visit or move to Spain are drawn to the fascination of the country, the beauty and the passionate people: […]

Five great train trips to the US

Amtrak's large, shiny trains travel to all major cities in the US and cross some of the country's most spectacular landscapes. Their durable charm sets them apart from more mundane vehicles, and while this may not be the fastest way to get around the pace, it is ideal for sightseeing. You can choose your companions, […]

Cool India – Travel Tips

If you have selected India as your travel destination, here are some of them cool travel tips in india this would make your trip as enjoyable and smooth as possible. As with any other trip to a foreign destination, do your research in advance. Buy a guide that has the basics that will be helpful […]

Nightlife in San Francisco

Nightlife is one means of gathering or meeting friends. San Francisco's nightlife is as diverse as San Francisco and every club, lounge and bar in the San Francisco neighborhood has a different atmosphere. San Francisco offers unique and numerous sources of entertainment from sexy lounge chairs to trendy nightclubs. Many music festivals are held here […]

Indian Railways – India's pride

The Indian Railways and the IRCTC share an important model in central government machinery. Since its introduction in 1857, the IRCTC has been the Indian Railways & # 39; the best service ever produced. Operating between 7100 stations with over 61,000 wagons, Indian trains are the fourth largest railway network in the world. IRCTC (Indian […]