Santa’s chances of dealing with Bitcoin at the end of the year are slowing. The semi-annual trend is ongoing and does not seem incurable until it reaches age. All hope is that BTC will be discontinued next May, but is it really the reincarnation that everyone wants?

Again Bitcoin’s Bitcoin
Two hours ago, Bitcoin crashed through a three-day consolidation channel, hitting $ 7,100, according to Tradingview.com. At the time of writing, trading was above this level, but was ready to fall again in the high $ 6,000 range. The move marks a 3% loss per day.


Over the weekend, bitcoin lost nearly 8% and the downtrend strengthened. Analysts now agree that $ 6 million is the next level to settle the issue for a while and it’s likely the end of the year.

That leaves all hope for a BTC crossing event, which is calculated on May 14. Sequence factors will be dropped, which include a reduced amount of additional currencies in the overall supply, increasing the idea of ​​scarcity.

Half FOMO?
Since block remuneration falls from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC, asset inflation is also below 2% of the central bank’s target. Bitcoin inflation will be 1.8% and 18 million, or 86%, already reduced, so the concept of scarcity should lead to demand.

Previous delays in 2012 and 2016 raised bitcoin prices after the incident, before that. As industry analyst PlanB points out, it didn’t take a year to grow the market.

“Well, you didn’t watch yourself: the plan stops when the sky goes red;

Damage b
@ $ 100 trillion
Some ask why the previous half (November 2012 and July 2016) took more than a year for the market to start growing.

Doesn’t stop well: Stops in the chart as the sky turns red: the market immediately rises to two after halftime

crypto prices live

Currently, the dominance of the Bitcoin market is only less than 70% and this year it has grown by 30% as the Altcoins ease.

Another key factor to consider is the inventory flow model that determines the relationship between production and share in circulation. It doubles after half time, which is very important as there is no inflated capability in stocks.

The general scene is very volatile at this moment, which is why many believe lowering prices will not make much of an impact. However, history has proven otherwise, and digital assets are fundamentally stronger than previously thought. Only time will tell if the previous templates are still playing.


How To Get Started In An Export Import Business

So, how can one get involved in an import export business?

First: You can start an import export business using your own money

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Most people think of joining a product overseas with their own money at their own expense. This is the most logical and preferred way for most. Buy a product, pay for it, claim ownership of the goods, import your purchases into the country where you want to sell them, sell them and do it all over again.
Second: import agent for export – bringing together buyers and sellers

If you are familiar with a particular country, especially if you have been there many times and may already know what is produced there and where to find suppliers of these products, you can offer your knowledge to others. For example, if you have been to Thailand many times, you may have lived there before and know the Thai product, you can contact a retailer in the United States, the city where you live or elsewhere, and offer to be a buyer, especially if you brings products from Thailand.
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In this case, a US based retailer may hire you to place an order for a product that sells from Thailand. You will order the product in Thailand, put the shipment together, pay for the product not with your money, but with its money and send the goods to its store in the United States, with the name of its store receiving the delivery documents. For your services, the US importing merchant will pay you an agreed upon commission. The commission is negotiable, not a flat rate.
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The amount may depend on the time you will ship your shipment together, the costs associated with the export side of the process, the costs you will incur in the country of origin, as you have to travel back and forth to the manufacturer’s factory or deal with export transport company.
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The retailer will be the importer, he will pay not only for the goods, but also for the cost of preparing the export, packing and actual international cargo from the country of origin, Thailand, to the destination, wherever his shop or warehouse is located.
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Your commission may represent a percentage of the total invoice value or a negotiated amount between the two of you. In this scenario, you are using other people’s money, but not your experience. You can start tomorrow. Obviously, if you’ve never been to Thailand, you may not want to offer your services as an export agent for Thai products.
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There are two main options for this involvement. One of the above when your commission is paid by the importer on whose behalf you worked. Similarly, while you are in Thailand, a Thai manufacturer can offer you an excerpt of its product to present to future buyers in the United States. In this case, you can return from your last trip to Thailand as a manufacturer’s representative – perhaps not with an exclusive contract to represent his products in the United States, but with the understanding that you need to find a buyer for his product that he may want place an order, he, the Thailand based manufacturer will pay you an agreed upon commission on the shipment.
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From these two examples, you can work with other people’s money, not just your own, putting buyers and sellers together, where commission can be paid by one or both parties, the buyer as well as the seller and the method is the easiest way to get started in an import export business.

Third: import agent for export

You can work as an independent export export contractor involved in the import export business, which is very much in the same category described above but with more responsibilities throughout the import export process. For example, a clothing store in the United States will hire you to find a manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia who can produce clothing based on their product design specifications. Armed with product drawings given to you by the retailer, you supply more than one potential manufacturer in Bali to prepare product samples that will ultimately be ordered by the retailer in bulk. Each manufacturer will prepare a sample, as well as a quote sheet showing quantitative discounts and delivery times. The merchant will choose one of the suppliers you have sourced based on product quality, price, and delivery time, and then ask you to place the order with that supplier. You will then need to monitor production, quality control, document preparation and pay for the merchandise with the merchant’s money, not you with yours, who will become the actual importer and recipient of the shipping documents. As above, you will receive a payment from the retailer for a commission, plus costs, and possibly be held in storage for your availability next time.

Fourth: Export consignment broker

The latter is an example based once again on the use of other people’s money to collect buyers and sellers. In this example, a manufacturer in Thailand offers a container load of a product, such as toys. The shipment is ready to ship and must be purchased as it is, regardless of the qualities of each style item inside. The shipment may be assorted and may contain some attractive products but also some less marginal, perhaps even seconds, or discontinued products. The exporting producer is looking for a buyer. You are an agent who knows who may be interested, who are the buyers for this type of product. This can be a store in Miami, Florida, or Berlin, Germany, or any other country that you know buyers for for this type of product. You provide samples from the seller-exporter to the buyer-importer. If the buyer agrees to buy the container at the agreed price, you can handle the entire transaction for the sale of what could be a letter of credit back, using your Denver bank, or wherever you are. A Berlin buyer pays you a $ 40,000 letter of credit, and after the funds clear your bank, your bank cuts a $ 30k letter of credit to the seller’s bank in Thailand and you pocket the difference, reduced by bank costs. The container goes from Thailand to Berlin, Germany, not the USA – you never claim ownership of the goods. You only associate the seller with the buyer and the intermediary of the transaction. Needless to say, the export shipment can be mediated by countless other brokers who will come across an export offer from an exporting manufacturer located in Thailand.

The top ten things to remember when traveling with a disability

Although disabled people represent the fastest growing and largest untapped tourism market in the world, spending more than $ 13.6 billion a year in the United States alone, there are still obstacles and obstacles to overcome. Disabled travel requires a great deal of preparation and speed on the part of the passenger in order to protect their rights, luggage, equipment and overall enjoyment of the journey. Here are some things to keep in mind when traveling with our wheelchair and service dog.

1. Allow plenty of time for everything.
& # 149; Allowing an hour extra is liberal, but may not be enough in many cases.
& # 149; Book longer layoffs. Regulation depends on the airport (30-60 minutes), but there are always longer options. Allow yourself at least 90 minutes if you use a walk-in chair or need a wheelchair between the gates.

2. Make sure all your medical needs are taken care of.
& # 149; Investigate suppliers of oxygen, medical supplies, medicines and equipment in the area where you travel in case your luggage gets lost, supplies run out, or accidents occur. National suppliers can help find regional distributors
& # 149; Have enough medical supplies for at least two additional days in case of delay.

3. Is your accommodation fully or appropriately accessible?
& # 149; Always book by phone to get immediate answers and support.

a. Microtel is the only hotel chain that guarantees 100% accessibility.
b. Larger hotel chains usually have several variants of accessible rooms.
C. Bed and breakfasts and smaller private lodging providers are not guaranteed to have affordable accommodations, although they may say that they are affordable. & # 148;

e. Always check again the most important details such as shower size, door size, additional steps (eg: rear porch) and dining facilities.
e. If they cannot answer your question, ask them to call back with an answer. You may need to contact a manager.
& # 149; Be sure to check that their shuttle is accessible if you plan to take it.

4. Make sure all your airline needs are taken care of.
& # 149; Wheelchair users are the first to get on board and the latter to descend and accordingly need extra time.
& # 149; Always give the tanker as much information as possible before you reach the airport; whether you need a wheelchair, trail chair or other support.

5. Know your rights! (see (http://www.faa.gov 🙂 print and bring with you)
& # 149; The airline is obliged to store one hand-foldable wheelchair in the passenger compartment on airplanes of 100 or more passengers.

& # 149; The crew is required to remove their bags from the closets to make room for your chair.

& # 149; If you come across non-cooperating crew members who refuse to accommodate you, ask your airport security guard or ADA or disabled travel representative that the FAA requires every airport to hire you.

6. Insert the necessity into your bag.
& # 149; Disabled travelers are allowed one additional bag of medical supplies and equipment (FAA rules).

& # 149; In case your luggage is lost, put your 2-day delivery on everything in this bag.

7. Ask for a barrier or upgrade order (air, bus, train).
& # 149; Declaring a place to block while traveling by air allows for easier embarkation and disembarkation, but also provides more space for equipment. Airlines will almost always move other passengers in this order for a disabled person.
& # 149; Buses and trains often have a seating area with a handicap, but if not, ask for a front or a row.
& # 149; Although bus availability is diverse, Greyhound is the largest bus company in the United States and prides itself on accessibility. With a minimum of 48 hours notice you can request a wheelchair accessible bus.

8. Make sure your cruise destinations are accessible (check before booking).

& # 149; Although among the most affordable options, always remember that the accessibility of cruise ships is regulated only by boat.

& # 149; Availability can vary greatly across countries. There are often options available, but they can be harder to find. Remember to do your homework before you leave for your trip.

9. Make a packing list of all your adaptive equipment / permissions / passes to avoid forgotten items, save this list to your computer.
& # 149; Do this ahead of time and make changes as you go.

& # 149; If you rent a car, do not forget the parking sign for the handicap.

10. Know Your Discounts.

& # 149; If you are traveling full-time or a Greyhound companion, your personal assistant may be able to travel for free.

& # 149; Amtrak, also known for access in recent years, offers 15% off for disabled travelers.

& # 149; Service animals always ride for free! Don't let anyone else tell you or charge you for it. Damage deposits also do not apply to service animals, only to pets.

Facts about Bulgan, Mongolia

Bulgan, Mongolia is one of quite a few aymagas (provinces) inside the country. In the northwest you can find Hovsgol; inside the southwest, Arkhangay; in the south, Ovorkhangai; to the southeast, Tov; and in the northeast, Selenge. Bulgan is considered one of Mongolia's most stunning and diverse aymagas. Its landscapes are different from the alpine forests that fill the north to the steppe plains that define the center of the high mountain regions. You will find rivers that captivate travelers with their vastness and tranquility, such as Orkhon plus Selange. South Bulgan, where the two rivers converge and flow in, is one of the most cultivated sites of the Aymag.

Many people have always been fascinated by the Mongolian background – plus a visit to Bulgan, Mongolia will give travelers what they dream of: the chance to stroll in the incredible steppes exactly where Genghis Khan walked in his footsteps as he set off they conquer the world. Today, centuries after the time of the Good Leader, Mongolia offers a distinctive journey, the only one that Bulgam's Aymagus shares with its many tourist attractions, such as Honyo Haan Wool, a nature reserve of deserts, lakes and more. rivers. Bulgan can also be visited by numerous worshipers who pay tribute to the religious history of the place each year. Avgon-Hyde, along with the Dashchoinhorlon Hyde Monasteries, originally built centuries ago, are very popular websites.

In Bulgan, Mongolia, the nomadic culture of the Mongols was extremely well preserved, giving tourists from major cities a true sense of a direct but satisfying existence. The capital in Aimaga, also called Bulgan, offers wooden cabins to the weary. After a very good night, the Aimag Museum, as well as the Museum of Ancient Things, are waiting to be visited; they provide data on some of Mongolia's most compelling achievements. You will also find curious monuments to see more and more of the sum, including the seven standing deer stones located in southern Bulgan; the serial Adigin Boogan Hosho, who is thought to be tagging websites for the Neolithic grave; plus Zunn Turuuniy Khun Chuluu, identifies Turkic grave markers.

Guide to Italy and flights to Italy

Italy is world renowned for its cultural heritage and incredible food. However, it is such a diverse country that it deserves much longer than we usually have. That is why it is often much better to visit Italy on several different occasions to experience the many places and differences it has to offer.

If you are going to try to see as much of the country in one trip as possible, we would recommend this.

Start from Rome, which is the capital of Italy. This is a truly magical city with historic buildings and statues that surround you almost anywhere you go. Some highlights include the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and, of course, the Vatican. The Roman Forum is also definitely worth a visit.

From here you can head to Sorrento. It's a small town, but it will give you an idea of ​​"old" Italy and allow you to taste great Italian seafood and a famous Italian drink called Lemoenchello. Then one can ascend to Florence, which is known for its art and buildings. After Florence you have to go to Pisa. There is more to this city than just the sloping tower and it is definitely worth the walk. Another very famous and popular city is Venice. This is an absolute must-see and it's just stunning. One of the best ways to get to all these places is by renting a car and driving. This will make the journey so much more flexible and spontaneous and will eliminate the need for deadlines.

Italy has become a very popular country to visit, especially for South Africans. There are two airports that have airlines that have flights to Italy. These are Cape Town International and OR Tambo Airport. The main airline that does these routes is SAA, but other airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Air France also do so.

Let's do a 1-day Grand Canyon rafting tour

One-day rafting tours along the Colorado River are an exciting part of visiting the Grand Canyon. More importantly, the calm water sections of the river are completely safe for paddlers of all ages and physical abilities. The result: more people than ever have the opportunity to see this incredible wilderness from the bottom up.

South Rim

The most popular floating tours are on South Rim. Points of interest include Tusayan, Grand Canyon Village, Flagstaff and Williams. The boats bounce off the base of Glen Canyon Dam and travel 15 miles down the river until they reach historic Lee Ferry, where white water begins.

Along the way you will see many wild animals that include California condors, big sheep horns, hawks and trout that can reach up to 22 inches! You will pass through Horseshoe Bend before pulling onto a sandy beach for lunch and swimming. There is even a casual hike in a hidden canyon for ancient Indian rock art.

Las Vegas

This trip features a fantastic helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It then heads to the base of Hoover Dam for an 11-kilometer smooth water voyage to Willow Beach, Arizona. Highlights include a stroll through the magnificent Black Canyon and swimming in some of the most beautiful parts of Lower Colorado.

The boats used on these tours are adventurous and designed to handle Class V rapids. The watercraft, which can hold up to 19 passengers, is easy to access and ideal for travelers with mobility problems. The seats are to the side and front of the vessel, with a river guide at the rear where the engine is located. Personal gear is tucked away in the center.

As you are out all day, you will want to take appropriate precautions to avoid sunburn. I also suggest packing a lip balm, a sleeve hat, a light, cotton long-sleeved shirt and a pair of sunglasses with a strap. Swimming is encouraged, so plan to bring a change of clothes to take back to your hotel or lodging.


Part of the fun of the trip is the professional and courteous people who help with the transportation. Trained drivers operate wagons and saloons. The guides that explain the sights during the tour are well known and kind. Each aspect of the trip is planned and implemented in a way that promotes the pleasure of every participant in the tour.

Floating tours are incredibly popular and are prone to bargains. My suggestion is to book your trip at least a week in advance. This will ensure that you get seats for you, your family or group. Avoid booking at a destination that will end up costing you a lot more. And don't forget to buy your trip online. This is where the deals are. But remember: complete the transaction online to qualify for a discount online.


The pleasure of day rafting is indisputable for those who have participated in the past. Not only that, but children who are four years old can do it! You can browse through online comments and posts to get a better idea of ​​how great these trips are. Bottom line: Sailing tours are a great, leisurely way to explore the greatness of the canyon at a price that all travelers can afford.

Travel tip in Germany – Seamammbad Bad Homburg

Seedammbad is definitely something to keep in mind when traveling with children in Germany. Conveniently located in the beautiful city of Bad Homburg and just 20 minutes from Frankfurt, 30 minutes from Wetzlar, it offers a lot of fun for the whole family.

In addition to the typical swimming pool areas (both non-swimmer and non-swimmer pools), Seemdammbad offers a 70-meter mega water slide, a running pool where water pushes you in one direction (fitness programs), water whirlpool and more. and the rough water atmosphere at Brodel Bucht.

You can also relax in the whirlpools and the famous Kneip Becken, as well as in the solariums, saunas and steam baths.

From May to September, Seedammbad opens its roofs to allow warm summer air to enter. They also offer a naked area (FKK), which is privately maintained by public areas.

After a long day of water fun, the Walfisch (Wale Fish) restaurant invites you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are open daily, as is the café, which offers snacks with coffee, drinks and other refreshments.

Admission is € 6 for adults, € 2.50 for children 5 years of age.

Work time:

  • Monday: 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday – Friday: 7am – 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 8am – 8pm

Seedammbad is located on the opposite site where Termus Taunus is located. You can use the same structure for public parking.

This is an example of what you can do in Bad Homburg while traveling in Germany. If you would like to learn more about Bad Homburg, we have compiled a more comprehensive guide to Bad Homburg in collaboration with locals that provides unique inland travel tips to use during your vacation in Germany.

Puerto Rico music: a sample of different genres

Puerto Rico's music is the sound of its culture.

In this article, we cover six music genres and offer five videos for a richer Puerto Rican music experience. In this short tour, let's go back in time for a few centuries and start there.


The original folk music of the Spanish descendants of the mountain settlers is called jíbaro (HEE-bah-roh), which means "forest people" in the native Indian language Taíno. It consists of playing more traditional stringed instruments and appeared in the 16th and 17th centuries with Spanish settlers living in the mountains. A quick search for jibaro music will offer different samples of this traditional style.

Bomb y Plena

In the early 19th century, clear African and French Caribbean influence began to emerge in island music. Although Bomba y Plena are technically different styles, they may sound somewhat similar to an untrained ear. Bomb is especially emphasized by live dancers, and Plena came to be promoted in the 1920s with the introduction of big band adaptations.

Short (3.5min.) Bomb y Plena Video


Other musical genres cannot be attributed specifically to Puerto Rico, but trace their origin to Spanish, French Caribbean and African influences. In the 1800s, for example, the official music style of "Danza" became very popular and even influenced what became the national anthem of "La Borinqueña".


Salsa appeared in Cuba and Puerto Rico around the same time – the 1950s. This style of music became an incredibly popular export to New York until the 1960s and is still in use today. To pay homage to the beautiful mix of cultures, here's a video featuring Tito Puente (Puerto Rico) and Celia Cruz (Cuba) – both of whom can rest in peace because of the musical contributions they have made.

Tito Puente and Celia Cruz: Salsa video


If any dance music has taken Puerto Rico out of a storm, it's reggaeton (reg-ah-TOHN). Having some basis in Jamaican rhythms, it has become a mixture of reggae and rap. Many of the videos idealize youth culture and scarcely dressed women, so we will refrain from sharing videos, but you can easily search for samples.

Puerto Rican pop

A great example of Puerto Rican pop music is Ricky Martin, who has achieved international quality. And it is important to note that in some pop songs there are moving rhythms, whose roots lie in African rhythms, and delicate guitars that offer an echo of the jíbaro styles. You can also listen to Chaian, Noelia or Olga Tanyon to taste this genre.

We hope this gave you a good overview of Puerto Rican music – enjoy the contagious beats!

Nightlife by Coorg Tourism

Coorg's nightlife is quite small in scale, consisting essentially of many small bars and restaurants. There are quite a few fine dining restaurants to go to during the night for a few drinks and a nice dinner. Coorg Tourism does not offer hardcore coupons or a strong nightlife. Coorg is well known for its picturesque beauty and greenery.

Beehive Bar: –

Bar Hive is located inside the Vivanta by Taj Hotel and is the only exotic bar offered by Coorg Tourism. He is at the top of the list when we talk about Coorg nightlife. The bar has an electric style and design décor. The interior of the bar is modern in style and gives a great experience to its customers. Bar Hive adds an exotic and rich style to Coorg Tourism. Customers can enjoy a wide range of world music playing in a bar with a floral environment to add to it. The bar has a great variety when it comes to cocktails. The most famous of these are "Chilli-Chilli-Tini", & # 39; Jappletini & # 39; & # 39; Coorg Coffee Martini & # 39 ;. These unique cocktails, coupled with the atmosphere, make Coorg an exciting nightlife for tourists.

Waterfalls: –

The Falls is one of the well-known restaurants in Coorg, located at the Tamara Coorg Hotel. Tourists looking for a nice nightlife in Coorg are generally inclined to go to the waterfalls for an unforgettable dinner. The food served at this restaurant is highly regarded, making it one of the great attractions of Coorg Tourism. The beautiful greenery of Coorg surrounds him. The beautiful waterfall near the restaurant together with the architecture adds to the outdoor feel of the restaurant. This is a restaurant with a lot of cuisine and stylish interior. They serve continental, oriental and indian cuisine. The Falls is one of the highly recommended options in Coorg for tourists to enjoy their nightlife.

Caravan: –

Due to the lack of discos, pubs and bars in Coorg, Coorg's nightlife revolves around popular and great restaurants. Caravan is one of the popular restaurants in Koorg with great food and great atmosphere, providing a pleasant experience for its customers. The caravan compensates for the lack of establishments offered by Coorg Tourism and helps the tourist to have a pleasant night life with a great dinner. The restaurant has an impressive atmosphere and is located right in the heart of Coorg. It is a diverse restaurant offering food that makes you want to go back to the restaurant. The restaurant's famous dishes include chicken satay, mushroom masalam, spicy spicy chicken and oriental vegetables in garlic butter sauce, along with rice or steam.

Campfire at Beelur Golf Club: –

This is a significant attraction of Coorg Tourism and is one of the best options when it comes to nightlife in Coorg. Beelur Golf Club is one of the first Karnataka Golf Clubs and is a popular place to visit in Coorg. Both locals and tourists enjoy a lovely fire here at night and party around it. This is an amazing experience for tourists as it gives them a chance to party differently from anywhere else.

Surin Beach Guide, Phuket, Thailand

Surin Beach in Phuket is one of the finest beaches in Phuket and offers a number of luxury hotels, along with more furnished beach restaurants and bars. The beach itself is about 1 km long and a small beach road runs along it. This small road is lined with small restaurants and several bars and a club.

The Twin Palms Resort is the main beachfront hotel, and the associated Suriname Beach Catch Beach Club is their beach bar and restaurant. They have a good size area at the north end of the beach with luxurious sun loungers leading into the bar and flooring, which is ideal for a place to eat and drink during the day and is a lively outdoor bar in the evening. This place is the place to be on New Year's Eve, and Catch offers packages of drinks and food to set you up. They provide dance floor and decent DJ until the early hours of the morning. The luxury yachts parked by the beach spill into action.

The other lively part of the beach is the Stereolabs, which is an outdoor bar and club down the beach, offering food for bar, music and plenty of drinks. The place is up later in the evening and while it is very busy and lush, it is a much tastier place than those located in the bustling beach town of Patong.

Between these two main places are a number of restaurants of varying degrees of quality, but overall they are nice places to grab food with Surin Beach as a backdrop.

The water as a whole is quite calm with a few small waves. In the wet season, there are several larger waves that can be used for boarding or surfing. There are submerged rocks in the south of Catch Beach Club, which are visible only at low tide, so be sure to know what is in the water before diving into your head.

There is a small bar at the end of the beach on the south side of the cliffs that offers spectacular views along Surin Beach. It's not the best looking bar, but the views, the relaxed atmosphere and the cheap drink make this place well worth a visit for some sunshine.

Surin Beach is about 40 minutes to the airport, 15 to Kamala Beach and 35 in Patong, so it is generally pretty well located to have access to everything you need when you stay in Phuket.